What is Success Academy and how is it changing the New York education system?

If you have a child in a New York public school, or work in the city’s education system, you have probably heard of Success Academy. If you have not, do not worry, you soon will.


That is because Success Academy is changing the New York City education system to such an extent, other people in other cities are looking at what they are doing and considering emulating their success in their own city.


What is Success Academy?Success Academy was founded in 2006 by CEO Eva Moskowitz and is a charter school network that aims to give every child the same chance to succeed. Whether they come from low-income families, have special needs, speak English as a second language or are children of color.


In the 11 years it has been in existence, Success Academy has opened and run 41 charter schools around the New York area, and currently provides a quality education for approximately 14,000 children.


How is Success Academy changing the New York education system? — In New York City, just like many cities around America, children from low-income families, those who speak English as a second language and children of color often fall through the cracks when it comes to getting a good education.


They are placed in schools in school districts with too little money, too much violence and with few opportunities for a high quality education. Their opportunities and, thus, the standards they are able to achieve, are often set to a low level before they even have a chance.


Success Academy was founded to create schools for children such as this. Schools that offer them a high quality education, and that give them every resource to be able to learn and to succeed.


These schools are set up in an effort to close the ever-widening gap between under-privileged children and those that start off their lives with every educational opportunity.


Eva Moskowitz has been so successful with the goals she set out to achieve, schools within the Success Academy network are now some of the highest-performing in the state.


In 2016, all of their schools below the high school level appeared in the top 10 percent of schools in New York State when it came to subjects like English, science and math.


Replication of results — Success Academy has been so successful in what it set out to achieve, it is now helping other charter schools around the country replicate its results with the implementation of an online digital platform.


The platform will share all of the organization’s curriculum, educational materials, school set up information and training systems so other charter networks have the resources to do the same thing.