Wengie’s Matte Makeup Look For Hooded Eyes

Wengie is a beauty blogger and a healthy lifestyle YouTube “guru” of sorts. She makes videos on everything from beauty, makeup products, makeup tutorials, recipes for vegans, facial care, skin care, fashion and vegan restaurants. One of her makeup tutorial videos on her YouTube channel is for amatte makeup look for hooded eyes.


The products Wengie uses in her matte makeup look are the following makeup products and tools: Marc Jacobs Foundation, Banilla Co. CC Cream, Innisfree Foundation Brush, Maybelline Concealer, Beauty Blender, Anastasia Brow Whiz, The Face Shop Brow Mascara, Scotch Tape, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, TheBalm Schwing Eyeliner, Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Tiny Minx Lashes, Kat Von D Contour Shade + Light Palette, Etude House Fan Brush, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, ColourPop Lumiere Lipliner, The Balm Read My Lips Gloss in Grrr! and Charlotte Tilbury Blush.


Wengie starts the makeup tutorial off by mixing together a foundation with a CC cream to make her foundation look more lively. She blends her foundation in with her blending brush and a blender.


Her next step is to outline her brows with a brow pencil. Her trick to drawing perfect angled liner is to place a piece of sticky tape to the side of her eye at an upward angle. This allows her to draw a perfect angled liquid liner look and to create a sharp edge to her eye shadow look. She accents her eyes with a dark chocolate color above her eye’s arch so that her hooded eyes appear wider. Then she applies a lighter brownish hue above her eye lid crease. Her eye lid she applies a light cream hue. She aloso applies a touch of the light cream hue to the area below her eye brow arch. Last of all she applies angled black liquid liner onto her upper lash line.


She completes her eyelashes with some faux eyelashes that she cuts in half then glues on. She uses some brown eye shadow with a flat brush along her lower lash line to “accent” it.


She contours with a fluffy brush on the sides of her nose, temples and cheekbones. She applies a highlighter under her eyes, her nose bridge, her forehead, chin and her cupid’s bow of her lips. Lastly for contouring and highlighting she uses a blender brush.


She outlines her lips with a lip liner and then applies a lip gloss over her lip liner. For the final touch she applies blush to her cheeks lightly.


For further makeup tutorials and other beauty advice like this, you can check out Wengie’s YouTube channel and subscribe for updates from her YouTube.


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  1. She lightly applies her concealer under her eyes and onto her highlight zones, such as her t-zone and the bow of her lips. She uses a damn beauty blender to blend it out. It has also been collated over a long time in which http://essayguard.co.uk/ has been able to certify that and that makes it look even sweet more that ever which is the nicest thing ever.

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