United Kingdom of Vintners, UKV PLC, Investment Grade Wines and Much More

United Kingdom of Vintners, which is a Public Limited Company operating out of London known by its acronym, ‘UKV PLC,’ is in the business of bring together wine lovers from all over the world with high grade luxury wines. Already there is a high level of prestige connected with UKV PLC as they work with clients who not only enjoy and appreciate a very fine bottle of wine, but also those who are developing a their own prestigious private wine collection

There is also another aspect of the very finest wines; they can be a very good investment.

This is not as crazy as it might sound, a good bottle of wine at one time was very common item to be used to barter for other goods or services. In today’s world. wine investment is a big business and brings a great deal of satisfaction for those that truly have learned to really appreciate a ‘Vintage’ year; a year in which certain vineyards experience almost perfect weather for the growth of grapes that are of an unusually high quality when it comes to turning them into wine.

To further emphasize this point; Gulf Airline Emirates has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 12 years in acquiring the finest wines to hold and not just as an investment, but to truly treat their passengers with the finest of luxuries one can experience while flying around the world.

UKV PLC acts as a broker between those wishing to acquire specific wines of exceptional value and also rare wines that can make a wine collector’s private wine cellar a dream come true.

They offer Spanish and Italian wines, a large selection of Burgundy and Marguax wines, as well as specializing in champagnes. Some of these wines come with a price tag of £40,000.00, 40,000 British Pounds, which is equivalent to almost $50,000.00 U.S. UKV PLC is a high class business offering the best of the very best.

They do have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter feed you can find here: @UkvPlc. They provide links to a variety of news and information regarding investment grade wines.

UKV PLC is small but elite group of dedicated and passionate individuals and they love to meet in person with their clients giving each on of them the special attention they deserve to really understand what the client wants and why they want it in order to better serve them.

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