Transform Your Luscious Locks with Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair

When Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipstick line, they set themselves apart from the competition. The lipsticks came in a range of bright colors like blue, yellow, purple, and green. Lime Crime started the trend mainstream makeup is now going crazy for. Unicorns and mermaids, all things bright and sparkle, are very “in” thanks to bold innovation from company founder, Doe Deere.


After three years in the making, the glitzy makeup brand has launched another craze, going above and beyond its other makeup industry counterparts. Unicorn Hair is the newest product in Lime Crime’s Unicorn line. Boasting 13 different shades from baby pink to stone grey, anyone can become the magical unicorn of their dreams. The colors are dreamier and more glamorous than one can imagine. With names like “dirty mermaid,” “chocolate cherry,” and “strawberry jam” how can a girl resist?


Following along with company values the Unicorn Hair dye is cruelty free. However this product line went a little further for all the environmentally conscious and naturally inclined. The dye formula is made entirely of vegan products and does not contain any ammonia or bleach. Have no fear though, the dye won’t wash out after the first shower with your wild and magical locks. Unicorn Hair comes in 2 different formulas. The first is a full coverage formula that will saturate your hair with a deep, rich color. The second is a tint formula best used to create a pastel glaze. It is recommended that these dye’s be used on hair that is medium blonde or lighter.


The tint can last up to 10 washes while the full coverage can last up to 12. But with any rainbow color dye job it really all depends on your hair type and how well you take care of it, so if you are very prudent the color could last up to 6 weeks. Another point worth mentioning is that Unicorn Hair is extremely affordable at only $16. Thanks to Unicorn Hair, there is nothing in the way from letting your true colors shine.