The Evolution of the NuoDB Cloud Database

Technology evolves fast and a company has to adapt and keep up to meet their client’s needs. NuoDB is at the forefront of assisting meeting the demands of business by building smarter, more consistent databases for critical cloud applications. NuoDB offers the stability, elasticity, and availability needed by today’s most demanding hybrid cloud applications. More and more companies are turning to cloud deployments to meet the needs of their growing and technologically evolving client base. With a rapidly growing mobile clientele, they often turn to cloud technology that can support today’s cloud-based, an on-demand economy without losing any of the benefits of the more traditional relational database.
Sometimes called the “NewSQL”, NuoDB is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications that is fully SQL compliant. Each database runs across computers within or across multiple data centers, which allows the system to process more than 1 million transactions per second. More servers can be added to the network without sharding, allowing the database to distribute tasks amongst several processors. Unlike others, NuoDB is able to expand its databases by adding more servers instead of replacing hardware. This process can be run from anywhere and lets data avoid bottlenecks, meaning faster, more reliable applications running from NuoDB databases.