Technological Advancements the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Using In Treatment Procedures

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America aligned with the NantHeal and All scripts in establishing a forum that will run the cancer treatment proceedings without interfering with the normal work schedule of the physicians. This program is called the Clinical Pathway, according to George Daneker, a medical officer at one of the cancer treatment centers this forum will ensure the physicians have unbiased information by keeping them in the loop of contemporary data and research in the field of oncology. This system offers the patients a chance to review and opt for a treatment they are content. With taking into consideration the unique needs of a patient, the system synchronizes latest research, treatment, and therapy giving oncologists a lead on developing the most appropriate care procedure.

The Clinical Pathway program will give patients knowledge of their medical state; present them with a variety of treatment options they can choose from and current time functionality. The mode of order entry the system uses is safe for the patient to operate and with information presented comes clinical evidence to back it up. The system provides information on therapy and care delivery processes thus offering excellent quality services to its clients. The forum also provides a platform for health discussions between patients and the specialists. These open discussions instill confidence in the patients while giving them tips on improving the quality of their lives and also enables insurance providers to verify the treatment techniques offered.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America came into existence in 1988. The hospital first started in Illinois but later opened other four hospitals in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta and Arizona. These hospitals have competent oncologists specialized in using advanced technologies to offer treatment to each patient. They incorporate treatment techniques like chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery while providing effective therapy to cope with side effects of the treatment.

The headquarters of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America was in Schaumburg, Illinois before moving to Boca Raton, Florida. These hospitals have been honored by the Joint Commission and also received the Magnet Award. They have been named Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and also the US Centers for Medi care& Medicaid services.