Meet the Daring Talos Energy

It was 48 hours after Harvey’s tropical torment when Tim’s suburb streets became impassable with the powers off and darkness ruling the area. The news came out that another Hurricane Harvey’s great floodwaters were to hit the entire area. Duncan acted fast and took his wife along with his six-year-old son by his rescue team. That made the CEO for Talos energy a bit confused.

The Talos CEO had been preparing to close a 2.5 billion dollar merger deal with the renowned Stone Energy. Stone Energy is a company that was considered bankrupt even though it was publicly traded. The entire plan was perilous but Duncan believed that the business would make him a public figure with no aim to make the company reliance on the general public. Tim was confident that he would close the deal without the excuse of the expected floods in the area.

Tim then took a private plane together with his family and boarded to Alabama. He then came back to Texas where he decided to stay at his mother’s place while working on the plan. The location was inviting even though it was high and dry. Tim had an objective to work for late nights and come up with a plan to negotiate with the CEO of stone energy towards a successful merger. Tim Duncan has to seal the deal from his mother dining room.

Following the success of the deal, Talos will have the opportunity to take over all the stone listings and preside as the oil company’s annual revenue which was almost 900 million dollars. That would mean that all the Assets of Talos Energy will be moved to the Gulf of Mexico. Nevertheless, the company’s low-risk balance would be expected to offset the various extensive operating risks in such an area. In this area, the drilling cost will be high with the much operating cost required. The risks involved in such an area also go beyond recognition.

Many people would say that this was a contrarian bet, with other companies located in higher fields where technology would be more appropriate. The location also has high catastrophic risks because of its nearness to the water masses. However, the company proves to be a wildcatter taking chances in such an area which is beyond the U.S waters. Despite its place in political Mexico, the company can produce over 4800 barrels in any given day. Mexico is also well known for its various political insecurities. One of the most promising assets Talos shall inherit from stone is the excellent Pompano platform, which was acquired for 200 million dollars from BP together with other prospects ready for drilling. That is a proof that Duncan would make opportunities a success in the midst of crises.