Tactical Engineer Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes i from St Louis and the company that he works for is known as Eagle Industries Unlimited which he holds the position at. His known by personal and business people that are close to him and his circles is known as Ronnie. His position is the business development manager. The specialization is within overseas commercial and law enforcement. The company focuses on gear that specializes in Tactical use. His background also specializes in law enforcement where he held a position with the St. Louis County Police Department and the Metropolitan Police Department. This ended up spanning within a maximum of 3 years. The second Department he worked for 12 years additionally.


He was a four-year veteran in the Marine Corps until 1993. He received two promotions. To add to his veteran status, he also fought in the Gulf War. The training he received was a Marine Corp School of Infantry. His best specialization was a Marine combat training. He forwarded his inside and degree with engineering comprehensively.

Eagle Industries specializes in teaching 150 product demos and information Technologies. They teach all team members about all the knowledge known in the industry. He also deals with product selection and development divisions. He’s worked for the company since 2008. This company operates out of Fenton Missouri. They provide excellence in armor carriers, chest rigs ,belt sensor etc. They make sure that they are only the best of the most durable materials and top notch quality.


Recently Mr. Fowlkes had acquired the ownership of First Spear, which he considers his best accomplishment. Having this role has made him feel more responsible. On a tier 1 operator Focus, the company wants to make sure that the best equipment possible is readily available .They also have technology which uses laser cutting which has cut load costs by 40%. This company look out for what the american consumers need, by providing quality American manufactured products, especially since they serve the NATO and other organizations that rely heavily and depend on Top Notch product produced by their company alone. There’s been great happiness within the successful progression that has been achieved. Recommended books he has is the Lone Survivor by Mark Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. It discusses sacrifices the freedoms for a country to give freedom to others. His pastimes include hockey, especially playing hockey with his own children and other kids. He’s recently moved with his family into a bigger place. It was difficult for them when they had larger rooms, but all the hesitations that were at the beginning faded.