Patients now benefit from Dr. Johanan Rand’s Anti-aging Program


  1. Johanan Rand, West Orange NJ Bio identical Hormone Specialist, also the President of Healthy Aging in the same Medical Center is a man full of passion. Dr. Johanan Rand’s passion, expertise and experience has driven him to the discovery of various treatment for aging and erectile dysfunction that are aimed to improve the quality of life. His treatment program has been specially tailored for the aging body and developed for personal health of patients. Dr. Dov Rand uses gentle effective techniques that target to restore muscle tone and general balance of the body frame within the gravitational field. With his combined education from Howard University College of Medicine, St Barnabas Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand has developed various options for specific symptoms. It has been the mission of Dr. Rand to provide the patients with preliminary education on their current condition and also be informative as the situation changes for this plays a major role in managing the effects of aging. Traumatic brain injury, excessive weight gain and menopause are just but a number of serious conditions that Dr. Rand offers information on innovative treatment about. He has made his patients understand the role of exercise and diet to maintain general health and also counter hormonal changes since the eves tend to drop as the body ages. Thus Dr. Johanan Rand has developed a comprehensive approach to dietary supplements, hormone therapy and physical therapy. Both men and women get affected by a variety of problems as they age, making it a sensitive issue. Dr. Dov Rand thereby has taken to advocate for proactive measures to treat their conditions as early as possible. Later stages treatment is definitely available in Dr. Rand’s Medical Center but the symptoms can quickly get extreme and potentially debilitating. Dr. Rand has mastered the art and ability to diagnose and treat people suffering from the effects of aging and injury. This has helped in transforming the lives of patients who can now enjoy the benefits of Dr. Johanan Rand’s program. Daily life can therefore be sustainable and patients can easily fulfill their responsibilities.