General Information about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel based philanthropic leader. Together with her wife Gila Milstein, Adam Milstein founded Milstein Family Foundation. The principal objective of the foundation is to provide humanitarian mission and to offer advocacy to the Jewish students. Additionally, Milstein publishes articles that advocates for the rights of Jewish citizen in American Universities.

Going on offense against anti-Semitic hate groups on American campuses

In this article, Adam Milstein talks about the increase in anti-Semitism increase in American Universities. He goes ahead to illustrate some of the instances of anti-Semitism in the United States.

For instance, during the 2014-2015 academic year, American Universities students’ governments passed the resolution calling for Jewish State. 15 student governments passed the laws and supported by 15 others.

At UCLA, they formulated laws that barred a Jewish student from joining Students organizations following accusations that Jewish students would receive dual loyalties. In another instance at Stanford, a young Jewish woman student was almost barred and discriminated in the running for Senate arguing that she openly showed her support for Israel. These incidents have increased in American Universities, and they are described as Tsunami. Alpha Epsilon Pi (ΑΕΠ), the most prominent Jewish American Fraternity has been receiving such incidents.

The American Jewry has the responsibility to fight the anti-Semites hate groups across American Universities. For Instance, Adam Milstein, founder Adam Milstein Family Foundation, organized an event in Las Vegas which brought together 50 organizations to fight against anti-Semites hate groups. They made a promise to defend Jewish Students on American Universities.

They organized a task force that will bring an end to these anti-Semitic hate groups in American Universities. With regards to the meeting that occurred in Las Vegas, the humanitarian group hopes to fight these groups through advocacy and the laid out rules.


Alex Pall grew up in New York and was passionate about DJing where he based his career. While in an art gallery he found out that dance music was taking much of his time and wanted to give it a shot. His manager introduced him to Andrew, and they started working immediately.

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Andrew Taggart, on the other hand, was a college student before meeting Alex. He was interested in DJing and was among the first people to love electronic music. He always made music and was starting to produce. He managed to play at a few shows and put a few songs on SoundCloud which was enough to encourage him. He attended Syracuse in L.A. and was an intern at Interscope who were in a way managing him. Four years ago he took a bus from Maine to New York City and met with Alex, and they got along.

Andrew with his incredible production talents and Alex with the many DJ gigs and his social marketing strategy got to work almost immediately after sharing ideas. The duo works with songwriters as well as writing the songs with them; they either write the songs or guide the writers.

Chainsmokers is at a point where they feel the need to identify themselves and make a long list of work to go along with it and not just three random hit singles, six good songs, few dance records and perhaps an interlude, which is common in most of the DJ albums available.Chainsmokers is getting more on the international scene with fans from South Africa and also the Philippines with an audience of 16 to 25, but the songs are still transcending age.

Lately, their audience has changed to over 30 and under 15, and the pressure is on when they have to perform their songs.The Chainsmokers believe that with the expansion of their audience, they try to keep up with the trends and also bringing new and vibrant shows. They think that when an artist gets complacent, then someone else takes the spot. For them, it’s about being at the forefront of pursuing new heights and giving their fans new experiences.

The Entertainment Career of Clay Hutson

There is nothing that pays off than doing something that you love. It gives you the energy and the willingness to go an extra mile. Clay Hutson is lucky to have a chance to be living this kind of life. He is set to be the manager of the Halsey tours in Australia. The musician is excited to have him on his team. Halsey will not be doing the trip alone as other female pop artists will join her.

Clay Hutson has worked with other prominent artists like Pink, Kid Rock among other famous artists in the industry. His passion began at a tender age. Clay Hutson has been able to gain experience from the multiple firms he has worked with before. Clay Hutson’s employer succumbed to the recession that affected many firms. He thought that it was time to quit employment and begin his own venture. He says that he felt the timing was right and he was ready to manage his own production company.

Clay Hutson says that he has been doing a lot of stage management lately for Kid Rock. He says that this requires him to be there from the beginning to the end of the show. Hutson, therefore, ensures that he gets to the show at 6:30 a.m. He makes a to-do-list for his crew to help save time. During the show, he plans on what each crew member will do to avoid the last minute rush that leads to the destruction of property.

Everyone has secret weapons that make them successful. Clay Hutson says that he is a great planner. He says that there are small factors that people don’t give attention. He adds that he is keen because a tiny mistake could ruin his career. He also puts long hours in his work to see that he delivers quality. He explains that it is by delivering great work that he gets referrals.

The entrepreneurship life is full of ups and downs. Clay Hutson says that at one point, he was acting as a sub-contractor between a firm and a client. The client had issues with the firm, which resulted in the client dropping their services. The client, however, was interested in the services of Clay Hutson. This did not end so well for Hutson because the firm sued him and he was fined $150000. This was not an easy storm to overcome, but he did. He says that he learned his lesson and the most important thing is that he moved forward. Learn more:

Need Medical Staffing Turn To Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the proprietor and CEO of HCRC Staffing. He received his education from both the University of Delaware and the New York Chiropractic College. While attending the University of Delaware he majored in exercise science with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in pre-med. Next, he continued his training at the New York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995 where he attained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Mr. Torchin has held several positions over his career including Director of Medical Marketing for Practice Management Inc from 2000 to 2007. He is currently the CEO and owner of HCRC Staffing. Read more at

Brian Torchin has founded two companies over his career. One of these was his private chiropractic clinic where he helped his clients to gain better mobility. He stills works as a chiropractor helping to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. He is also the founder and current CEO of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) a staffing agency for the medical and legal fields. The company helps to staff hospitals, dentists, and legal firms with necessary staff both for clinical and office needs. Staffing requirements such as doctors, nurses, receptionists, and office assistance can be obtained. The company is found worldwide with agencies in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

Several media outlets have published interviews and articles about Brian Torchin. One of these is CNNiReport which interviewed him about his success. The Digital Journal is another news source that has issued an article about him. He also has provided self-talks and been interviewed by other on the media source YouTube. Additional online distribution markets have also talked to him about his life and career.View:

Deirdre Baggot Encapsulates Everything That Comes With Bundled Payments for Patients

Just recently, the nationwide development of bundled payment pilots, marking a new era of surgeon fee-for-service with the nations biggest insurer was published by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. With Medicare, Deirdre Baggot explains, healthcare is also included, and financiers are actively following the lead.

Successful bundled payments are established on imaginative leaders. Medical institutions must completely grasp what it’ll take to have bundled payments run smoothly. A few guidelines for bundled payments involve:

  1. Service the patients with everything they require and nothing they don’t

The majority of us provide excellent therapeutics and diagnostics for our clients. The training needed to work with the latest best procedures and give just the things that clients require doesn’t come quickly for those that are also striving to match the wishes of the client with the quarrelsome environment of the healthcare field.

Bundled payments grant the adequate amount of incentives to developing self-control pertaining to the “nothing they don’t need” portion of fee-for-value notes Deirdre Baggot.

  1. Lead shifts

Bundled payments need proper management in change leadership. Just as equally, resilient units are determined to be able to withstand transitions. Strong-performing clinics may experience pain from an excess of silos, unquestioned practices and overly-dominant individual organizations. Competent leaders nowadays will facilitate improvements to sprout using achievements or even failures, being aware that the majority of shifts and restructurings bust, the leaders that succeed the most are created on strategic choices which are well executed.

  1. Understand how true responsibility looks like

Bundled payments remain as an evidence-based means to medical reorganization. Good incorporation of evidence-based procedures is conditional with a feedback method which informs specific physicians when they cause errors in sticking with best procedural measures or when best clinical displays are not carried out.

The aspects which allow medical clinicians to be outstanding professions are a setback when it comes down to holding people responsible. Properties of compassion and caring are essential to high-quality “bedside manner” but frequently ends with medical directors confusing accountability and attentiveness. In a bundled payment context, however, holding to the best standards of procedures is certainly an expectation and not a choice. The concern that the medical professional will take their interest somewhere else can be substituted with a dialogue about the services we are providing for the patients. Follow:


Dr.Eric Forsthoefel, the Invaluable doctor asset at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency medical practitioner based in Tallahassee, Florida. He has a rich educational background from prestigious institutions. He attended the University of Louisville, school of medicine in 2009 and attained his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine in the year 2012.

After graduation, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel moved to Louisiana State University and pursued emergency medicine. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel currently works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare as a general medical practitioner and an emergency doctor offering medical services.

He specializes in the treatment of cuts, cardiac arrests, traumatic stress and body fractures. This nature of specialization makes him readily available at the center. His contact with his also spread to the general public in Florida.

He has been certified and licensed by many medical licensing boards. Some of the agencies that have approved him include the State Medical License which has been in operation since 2013, FL State Medical License in 2014 and the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

His approval by the medical agencies assures the patients that he has passed the training. They also give the general public the satisfaction that he has met the ethical standards set by the boards. Other principles that Eric has included education, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has spent over six years as an emergency doctor. His dedication and commitment over this period have earned him the invaluable experience, making him one of the most successful emergency doctors in Florida. He is regarded highly by his patients and colleagues for his exceptional work.

He is highly skilled to make the most difficult decisions in a short period. He is also tasked to analyze the conditions of his patients. He is then able to determine whether the patients are in a stable condition to be discharged or in a fatal state to be referred to the Intensive Care Unit.

He accepts the following major insurance cards, Medicare, Coventry Health Care and Aetna. However, it is always important to check with the center first since they regularly change. He is highly rated by the patients he has served especially on punctuality and hospitality.

Meet Dr. Saad Saad the Pediatric Surgeon

Back in the 1980s, Dr. Saad Saad was offered the opportunity to serve as the personal pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royals. This offer was awarded to him for two major reasons, Dr. Saad Saad spoke fluently in both English and Arabic and also he was the only pediatric surgeon who was board certified to perform pediatric surgery in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad together with his family settled in the city of Saudi in Riyadh for a period of almost half a decade.


Dr. Saad Saad has Palestine as his birth place, but he grew up in Kuwait. He was born among other eight children who are now educated grown-ups as two hold PHDs, one is a teacher, and two hold Masters Degrees in engineering and three are surgeons. Dr. Saad Saad is a graduate of Cairo University in Egypt, where he pursued his medical degree about 47 years back. He later on became an intern in England after which he migrated into the United States. While in the United States, that’s when he pursued his residency in pediatric surgery, and became board certified to practice pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad Saad has really achieved because acquiring a board certification in the U.S entails pursuing spontaneous surgical practices, intense and special training and also exams.


While in Riyadh, the chief and the Protocol Office at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital called him to serve in the hospital by carrying out both simple and complex surgeries. While in the hospital Dr. Saad Saad once carried out a pediatric surgery to the youngest child ever in history to be admitted with an aneurysm. The doctor was highly respected by both the Protocol Office and the chief at the hospital. The assistant chief personally trusted the doctor to an extent that instead of flying his son abroad for a surgery, he allowed Dr. Saad to perform it at the hospital.


At the hospital, Dr. Saad Saad mostly serves the members of the Royal Families. However, at the hospital he also serves the poor who are suffering from complex pediatric surgical disorders. Having being born and raised from a humble background, this made him very compassionate about others. According to him, all are equal and also deserves equal opportunities with no bases for discrimination.


Dr. Saad take Dr. H Biemann as his mentor and role model, and from him, he learnt to be a hard worker, a kind person, and being honest. It is Dr. Saad Saad that came up with the device that is currently being used to locate the position of the catheter in the body without necessarily the patient undergoing any kind of scanning. This is among the many ways through which Dr. Saad is trying to improve on traditional methods and procedures. Learn more:

Ricardo Tosto Legal Career in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer who has built a successful business in Brazil. From the time Ricardo was young, he wanted to become a lawyer to help other people. He grew up in a low-income area of Brazil. Few people around him ever went to college. However, he had a passion for making a difference in the world. He was accepted to college and worked multiple jobs to reach his goals.

Ricardo Tosto graduated from college and attended law school. He worked hard while he was in school, and he graduated at the top of his class. He received a job offer at a prestigious law firm and started working in his career. He was able to make more money than he ever dreamed. He saved a ton of money and decided to start a business.

Why Start a Business?

Ricardo Tosto decided to start a legal practice for multiple reasons. Although he enjoyed his previous job, he did not enjoy spending all of his time working for other people. Instead, he wanted to spend time helping clients. He enjoyed interacting with clients, and by owning his practice, he can do so each day.Few people can handle all of the responsibilities associated with owning a company. Ricardo Tosto has been investing in various marketing strategies to generate growth in his business. He is excited about the direction of his firm, and he plans to continue helping others in the community. Anyone who needs legal advice should consider working with Ricardo and his team.

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Robert Deignan Gets AppEsteem Approval For ATS

Robert Deignan, the CEO of ATS Digital Services is happy with the completion of his company’s new certification from AppEsteem. He wanted ATS to get the certification because doing remote computer repairs requires a level of customer trust that he felt was necessary for the company’s reputation. AppEsteem certifies companies that meet a strict set of verification requirements and lets potential customers of those companies know they are dealing with legitimate call centers and customer service representatives. Deignan has grown ATS into a globally-recognized company and has been hard at work expanding its services to accommodate different devices.

Robert Deignan actually had an interest in sports growing up, and in his college days at Purdue University he was a punter on their football team. He even spent two years in the NFL, but he ultimately decided he needed to finish his studies and enter the business world. After graduating from Purdue, he worked for a company known as Fanlink for several years. Deignan then decided he wanted to help people repair computers and office equipment, and that led to the founding of ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan has a team of technicians who manage incoming customer calls and use remote desktop management software to repair various issues such as malware and hard drive problems. If necessary, field technicians will drive to the destination to repair devices. Deignan once sat down with the editors at Ideamensch to discuss what was helping his company succeed. He said that he often has interesting discussions with his partners on what they believe will help the company, and he likes going with what his gut instinct tells him about the ideas. Deignan puts a greater value on hiring people who believe in what his company stands for than just hiring those who meet the technical qualifications.

The Chainsmokers Lead Tributes To Avicii At The 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Award season is always a time when those who have been lost from a certain industry are remembered by their peers. At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, electronic dance music duo The Chainsmokers led tributes to the late Swedish DJ, Avicii who died on April 20, 2018, in an apparent suicide. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers took to the stage alongside their oft-collaborator, Halsey to present the Top Hot 100 Song to Luis Fonsi and took a few moments to remember the electronic dance music pioneer.

The award ceremony at the Las Vegas Grand Garden Arena was the first time many of the industry had assembled since the death of the Swedish DJ whose real name was Tim Bergling. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart stressed the need to remember the good work of the DJ before a room filled with their peers while Halsey made a point of the joy the DJ brought to his fellow musicians and his fans around the world. The Chainsmokers made a point of thanking Avicii when they picked up the award for the Best Electronic Dance Music Act for 2018 and dedicated their win to his memory. Andrew Taggart expressed his feelings by stating Avicii showed his fellow electronic dance music fans a career could be created from music.

The Chainsmokers have recently returned to the music scene after a short hiatus during which allowed them to develop a live sound featuring a full band for the first time. Rising to fame in 2014 with the release of their debut single, “#Selfie” before releasing their debut album, “Memories… Do Not Open” in 2017. The duo began their career as DJs in New York City and have continued to develop their skills as DJs with a residency at the Las Vegas nightclub, XS. The release of their “SickBoy EP included a single release each month to continue their impressive rise to prominence.