White Shark Media Offers Many Features that Sets Them Apart as a Leader in Digital Marketing

White Shark Media, or WSM, has become one of the leading digital marketing companies in only six years. WSM was founded in 2011 and is recognized as one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the U.S. Their high-quality tech services and incredible customer service sets them apart. They have helped thousands of businesses grow while increasing WSM with superior and attentive services.


WSM is designed to meet the online advertising and marketing needs of their clients. Online advertising uses SEO, SEM, and PPC, which can be a challenge for the business owners, but this is what WSM excels in. The business owner is then able to focus on their website and sales while leaving the marketing up to WSM.

White Shark Media is a premier, Adwords Partner, which is an elite position because there are only 29 partners. The phenomenal tech team and staff work from Miami, FL. WSM was founded by three Danish advertising and marketing experts, each one experienced in both brick and mortar and online marketing. When they formed the company, they all agreed that their goal would be to create a world-class experience for each client, and this is what has set them over the top. It is their trademark. WSM has become a leader because of this fresh attitude and by using professional marketing tools and tactics.


The Founders of White Shark Media


Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolt together changed the online digital marketing industry with their business protocol. Garth, the CEO, explains that the success of their clients is their primary goal, and they are committed to their continued success.


WSM offers a one-time cost-effective flat fee for their innovative solutions. They require no contacts, which is unusual for this field. Digital marketing is an extremely competitive industry, but WSM responds saying that they are totally up for the challenge.

Find out more about White Shark Media:

 https://clutch.co/profile/white-shark-media – reviews

The Success Of Yanni Hufnagel As An Assistant Basketball Coach

Yanni Hufnagel, the assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson, is an enthusiastic young man. With unprecedented success at Crimson, the Jewish coach, who in his early 30s, will soon be recruited by renowned powerhouses having vast resources. As a kid, Hufnagel loved to fiddle with the figurines of different basketball players and read a lot of coaching books. His journey in sports started when he was a student at Scarsdale High School. Yanni was an active basketball player. However, he did not make it to the varsity basketball team. Notably, Yanni worked as a basketball commentator for a local TV station. For a season, he played lacrosse at Pennsylvania State University before transferring to Cornell University. In his first year at Cornell, Yanni Hufnagel worked as a basketball manager before securing an internship with the New Jersey Nets. After graduating, Yanni joined the University of Oklahoma.

His friend introduced him to the head coach of Oklahoma basketball team, Jeff Capel. At the time, Jeff was searching for a graduate assistant. Yanni Hufnagel’s deep passion for basketball inspired him to improve the performance of the team. Yanni impressed Capel, who introduced him to the head coach of the Harvard Crimson, Tomy Amaker. Yanni Hufnagel started working as a volunteer assistant coach. By virtue of upholding the highest levels of professionalism, he was able to inspire the players to win different tournaments. To this end, he was appointed to serve as the assistant coach. At Harvard, Yanni helped the team to win the Ivy League. In addition, he produced Jeremy Lin, a couch-surfing basketball sensation. In a CBS Sports survey conducted in 2009, more than 100 coaches voted him as the assistant coach who is most likely to “make it big time due to his recruiting ability.” Ahead of the 2012-13 season, CBS named Yanni Hufnagel in the college basketball dream team of assistant coaches. Yanni has worked for Vanderbilt and University of Nevada, Reno as an assistant coach. At the University of California, Berkeley, he served as a coaching staff.

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot Is Helping Patients Fight Disease Through Treatment Development

JeanMarie Guenot Ph.D.is the CEO and President fo Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. Under her highly skilled leadership the company develops a variety of treatment products for diseases. The company is growing and developing new treatments quickly to help individuals overcome their medical issues. She has vast experience in a variety of fields withing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Jeanmarie Guenot specializes in rebuilding and restructuring businesses as well as project alliance, venture capital, and drug development. Amphivena Therapeutics specializes in bifunctional antibody therapies for malignant cancer related to the blood.

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot has an impressive resume to add to her vast skills and insight. She founded SKS Ocular prior to working for Amphivena. Her company specialized in glaucoma and macular degeneration therapy as well as ocular drug delivery technologies. Some of her other notable work with companies includes Hoffmann-LaRoch as a business advisor. Sh worked for PDL BioPharma as the VP of Corporate and Business Development. During her time with those companies, Guenot oversaw strategic collaboration for developing cancer treatment drugs, investing, business development, licensing, acquisitions, and alliance management. She worked within the areas of neurology, ophthalmic disease, cardiovascular disease, and oncology.

Her first job in the field she has worked in for decades was at Atlas Venture. She specialized in creating life science companies as well as managing investments at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeanmarie-guenot. She also opened her own company called Guenot LLC shortly after beginning her career in the field. She also worked as a scientist at many of the to facilities in the country. She helped to develop treatment drugs for a variety of disease for both autoimmune disorders as well as for cancer. Dr. Guetnot attended The Wharton School in Pennsylvania where she earned her MBA. She later attended the Univesity of California where she was able to obtain her Ph.D. She specializes in medicinal and physical chemistry as well as quantum mechanical molecular dynamic and drug design.

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Discover True Financial Freedom

Get a unique way to gain financial freedom through a interest bearing savings account that allows their customers to earn 1.9% interest with a NexBank account. You never have to worry about your money because it’s securely backed with $40 billion dollars in assets. Their stockholders are behind their projected expansion of their executive leadership team and general counsel. Rest assured, their services can’t be matched by their competitors. You can get the experience of banking with the professionals that cares about what happens to your hard earned money. NexBank also eliminates huge bank fees through programs and services that were created to help you save more.

You can also watch their ever growing portfolio that includes $24 million dollars in common equity. They recently gained a successful common equity that will be used to expand their banking services. NexBank is proudly based in Dallas, Texas and has proudly served the local area for over 50+ years. John Holt, CEO, of NexBank, was chosen to be the speaker at a recent financial conference. You know your money is in safe hands around the clock with NexBank. You can learn more about their services, features, and promotional offers through their exclusive website.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Anytime access

– Switch money in between accounts

– Commercial accounts

– Industrial accounts

and more…

Are you interested in investing in your retirement? NexBank has three core services that include investment, commercial, and industrial banking. They have several investment programs that will let your money work for you and help you with a successful retirement plan. You can speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative about more details on their superior investment programs.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches New Platform For Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals in the United States that treat cancer patients. Its hospital network is found in five major cities across the USA. The cities where The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America operates are Tulsa, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Georgia Phoenix, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Chicago Illinois.

The hospital network provides state of the art cancer treatment for patients who are currently battling cancer. It also provides post cancer treatment and rehabilitation. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America corporate office is located in Boca Raton, Florida and coordinates all of the hospitals and their operations. You can visit The Cancer Treatment Centers of America website to explore cancer treatment options.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has announced that it will be working with information technology Allscripts, healthcare analytics company, NantHealth and the software as a service firm, eviti to improve its cancer treatment programs The partnership uses technology and best practices from each firm to help create customized cancer treatment options for patients at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The collaboration will allow physicians and other parties to share information rapidly and seamlessly.

As stated in this article, another benefit to stem from the partnership is that physicians will now have access to the latest and most up to date clinical and research information when it comes to cancer. A newly designed and integrated clinical pathways platform will also allow both patients and oncologists to see the pros and cons of each treatment options available to them, as well as the latest info that is available on each one. Some of the information that will now be available for viewing include drug toxicity, unique patient information, response rates and drug or treatment use guidelines. All of this is further set to be available and updated in real time which makes it a powerful new tool for oncologists to use in their fight against cancer.

For further information please follow CTCA on Twitter and Facebook.

Recap of Wengie – Draw My Life

This article summarizes a video on youtube, Wengie talks about her life while drawing cartoons on a white board in a very cute Asian style. The cartoons are drawn and edited to not show her erasing and it flows very smoothly. Wengie was born in China on January 9, 1986 and was raised by her grandparents. They flew to Melbourne, Australia when she was four years old so Wengie can be with her parents. Her family was poor so Wengie had to use her imaginations and drawings in her play times. She was a tomboy and liked robots, Voltrons and Ninja Turtles. Her parents were able to get better jobs and they moved to Sydney when she was seven years old. Wengie did well in school but her social skills with other kids needed improvement. She was extremely shy and continued to draw when she was alone. She was accepted to a University with a scholarship and she studied accounting. She became a workaholic and moved out of her family’s small house when she was 24 years old. Accounting was something that helped her get an education but it was not her passion. She enjoys creating and creative accounting is considered illegal. She quit her accounting job and became a social media consultant. It was a lot of hard work since social media never stops but she enjoyed it immensely. She decided to start her own blog which led to a project trip in Singapore. This led to her Youtube channel and she now has over 6 million subscribers in the world. This 9 minute youtube video summarizes her life in a cute and entertaining way and shows a real life success story of how a poor girl turned into a youtube sensation.


Technology and Fashion Blend Together to Make Our World More Beautiful, Creative and Protected

The world has always enjoyed a blend of fashion and technology. It is one thing that has remained constant over ages. However, the blend is taking an even higher dimension in contemporary times. From all indications what lies ahead is more fascinating than anything it has ever produced. Establishing this claim should not pose any difficulty.


Let us go down memory lane into the 70s popularly known as the boom box era. Every music lover then looked forward to purchasing his or her boom box as it aids carrying favorite tunes and stations around. The movie industry could not resist its attraction and had to join other lovers of boom box in the 80s. By the 90s, the boom box became outdated as the Walkman took the world by storm. The personal music experience that came with the Walkman was unprecedented. Before the turn of the century, the iPod took center stage as it was more portable and did all that the Walkman is capable of. Obviously, technology growth has its root in what people consider fashionable.


Currently, the blend of fashion and technology is getting more pronounced. The case of fashion designers readily comes to mind. They seem to be only interested in creating what appeals to customers at the moment, and the belief is that only by employing technology can they attain innovation and functionality of higher standard. Anouk Wipprecht buttressed this view when she uttered the statement: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.” This woman came to lime-light with the avant-garde designs she invented.


Many master-pieces have been invented through the collaboration of fashion and technology. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin came up with the Airbag for Cyclists. Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon created Frontline Gloves. SegraSegra stunned the world recycling inner tubes of bicycles to produce jackets and t-shirts. Emma Whiteside invented large gowns from recycled radiator copper. Today, we have clothing that captures kinetic energy for powering appliances like watch and mp3.


If there is one reason to look forward to a more beautiful, creative and protected world, then it is definitely the ever continuous blend of fashion and technology.



About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is among the few Americans who excel in more than just one industry. He made his marks in fashions. In technology, he stamps his feet as an authority making hundreds of millions in profit. In real estate, he remains a house-hold name with tremendous success.


To say this fellow is a born entrepreneur would not be an exaggeration because before he got through with college he was already a millionaire in business. His wealth is not from inheritance; it is the product of his astute business acumen and hard-work.


He current runs his own company, Burch Creative Capital, with intimidating portfolio of clients from top companies in the United States.





Eric Pulier Use of Tech to Solve Humanity Problems

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur both in the government and the technology enterprise. He has either founded or co-founded several of the most successful companies. Eric has played a part in establishing over fifteen companies including Media Platform, which is a media presentation, US Interactive, which is a professional enterprise service, SOA, a service-oriented infrastructure, ServiceMesh, an enterprise cloud management, and virtual desktops, Desktone.


Philanthropic Deeds


This serial entrepreneur is also actively involved charitable works by donating to several non-profit organizations. Eric sits on the board of The Painted Turtle charitable organization which engages in helping children with chronic conditions. Eric dedicated both his time and money to ensure that kids suffering from chronic illnesses can enjoy summer camp experience like other kids of their age.


His passion for helping children can also be seen in the Starbright World where he has dedicated his time and skills in technology to come up with a social media platform where kids with disabilities can interact. He also sits on the board of X-Prize Foundation which deals with helping solve humanities greatest challenges.


Published Works


Eric is also an active writer and recently published the book, Understand Enterprise, SOA. This gives an easy to comprehend introduction to the enterprise. In the book, he ensures it is precise, easy to read and understand, and that it provides an in-depth understanding of the topic. Eric is also actively in writing for Forbes.


Entrepreneurial Success


The X-Prize Foundation is one of the startups that can clearly show Eric’s passion for helping humanity. He started the program with the aim of helping the less fortunate youths and adults explore their talents and get rewarded for their achievement. He is also the founder of People Doing Things, a company that he started in 1991 with the aim of addressing education, healthcare, and other issues by use of technology.


Eric Pulier Education Background

Eric Pulier attended Harvard University for his BA where he graduated in 1988 from the Magna Cum Laude. During his university days, he was an editor and the author of the PulierLeg which was a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson.




United Kingdom of Vintners, UKV PLC, Investment Grade Wines and Much More

United Kingdom of Vintners, which is a Public Limited Company operating out of London known by its acronym, ‘UKV PLC,’ is in the business of bring together wine lovers from all over the world with high grade luxury wines. Already there is a high level of prestige connected with UKV PLC as they work with clients who not only enjoy and appreciate a very fine bottle of wine, but also those who are developing a their own prestigious private wine collection

There is also another aspect of the very finest wines; they can be a very good investment.

This is not as crazy as it might sound, a good bottle of wine at one time was very common item to be used to barter for other goods or services. In today’s world. wine investment is a big business and brings a great deal of satisfaction for those that truly have learned to really appreciate a ‘Vintage’ year; a year in which certain vineyards experience almost perfect weather for the growth of grapes that are of an unusually high quality when it comes to turning them into wine.

To further emphasize this point; Gulf Airline Emirates has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 12 years in acquiring the finest wines to hold and not just as an investment, but to truly treat their passengers with the finest of luxuries one can experience while flying around the world.

UKV PLC acts as a broker between those wishing to acquire specific wines of exceptional value and also rare wines that can make a wine collector’s private wine cellar a dream come true.

They offer Spanish and Italian wines, a large selection of Burgundy and Marguax wines, as well as specializing in champagnes. Some of these wines come with a price tag of £40,000.00, 40,000 British Pounds, which is equivalent to almost $50,000.00 U.S. UKV PLC is a high class business offering the best of the very best.

They do have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter feed you can find here: @UkvPlc. They provide links to a variety of news and information regarding investment grade wines.

UKV PLC is small but elite group of dedicated and passionate individuals and they love to meet in person with their clients giving each on of them the special attention they deserve to really understand what the client wants and why they want it in order to better serve them.

Read more on Behance.net.

Why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a Great Facility to Partner Up With

For those that are serious about coming up with effective ways to detect and treat different forms of cancer, it is important to have the right connections. Medical facilities like AllScripts and NantHealth are among the facilities that are looking for ways to treat different diseases. One of the best things they did was partner up with https://www.myctca.com/. This is one of the best partnerships because CTCA is the greatest source of information when it comes to cancer. They have a lot of information on detecting, treating and possibly preventing cancer. This can be used to bring forth a lot of other solutions.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” one reason that CTCA is helpful with cancer is because it is always coming up with new solutions to issues. Among the new methods that they have come up with is coordinated care. Coordinated care is something that has been created with the realization of the complication of a disease such as cancer. CTCA knows about the complications that can arise from treatment of cancer. Therefore, they come up with different things they can do to not only treat the disease but also treat the side effects. They also offer support and follow ups so that the patient can be checked on thoroughly.

CTCA is also willing to help the patients understand what is happening. For one thing, some doctors may throw a lot of jargon at the patient that he can’t understand. As a result, he is left confused as to what he was told. Fortunately, CTCA is willing to sit with the patient in order to break down everything that he was told so that he will be able to know how to move forward with the treatment and the next step. CTCA has shown that it is all about the understanding of the issue.

For more information follow Cancer Treatment Centers of America on Facebook.

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