NuoDB’s SQL Database

Founded in Massachusetts, NuoDB uses a new technology that is in use by many huge companies around the world. These are companies like Kodiak, Dassault, UAE Exchange. The company was founded in the year of 2008 under another name. The other name was NimbusDB. The name was later changed to NuoDB to improve name recognition. The name was changed to NuoDB in 2011. NuoDB uses a patented technology called “elasticity scalable database”. The creator of this technology is Jim Starkey.

The company has received many awards over the years. It gained 14 million in venture capital investment in 2012 and was deemed an Innovation All Star by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech in the year 2014. NuoDB to this date has received over 60 million dollars in investing.

The technology is really quite impressive. The simple explanation is as follows. It is an elastic SQL database for SQL database applications operating in the crowd. It is often referred to as New SQL database. The technology is SQL database compliant and utilizes technology that allows added cloud servers to scale out without error. NuoDB makes servers in the cloud run faster and more efficiently.