Motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran Contends To Thrive in Life One Must Have a Sense of Urgency

Motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran contends to thrive in life one must have a keen sense of urgency in approach to living. Vijay Eswaran is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and economist. He serves as Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Vijay Eswaran has vast experience in evaluating success and failure of both individuals and businesses at large.

He brings a perspective and insight that few have the ability to convey with his level of aptitude. Vijay Eswaran has a perspective on life and business that was produced with a great sense of urgency. In fact, without a sense of urgency, one is not reaching the fullest energy level, power, and creativity that can be brought to any particular task in life or in business. In an example of the sense of urgency required to succeed, Vijay discusses the existence of the gazelle in Africa that wakes up every morning knowing that he must be faster than the fastest lion or become the lion’s lunch.

Also, the lion wakes up every morning and it must be faster than the slowest gazelle or he can potentially starve to death. The point is no matter if you’re the lion or the gazelle you must wake up and live every day with a sense of urgency and passion to accomplish your goals as if your life depends on it. Winners in life have an intrinsic drive and urgency level for life to passionately embrace their reality. Furthermore, waking up with a sense of urgency creates a discipline level and strength of character to strive for excellence.

Vijay Eswaran asserts to truly reach that level of urgency necessary to win in every aspect of life one must have the urgency required to breathe when you have trouble breathing. In approaching life and relating to others, Vijay Eswaran contends that to thrive in one’s life one must have a sense of urgency in every aspect of life.