Mike Baur Impacting Young Techies In Extraordinary Way

Having spent almost 20years in the private banking industry, Mike Baur took up entrepreneurship in the year 2014. He started the now successful Swiss startup factory based in Switzerland. The 39-year-old graduated from the University Of Rochester New York with an MBA and pursued his post-graduate studies at the University of Berne. Mike Baur Decision to get into business was driven by the passion he has in helping young entrepreneurs with great startup ideas regarding mentorship and financial aid. Mike Baur also co-founded the Swiss startup’s Associations and held the position of director. Mike Baur started his banking career at a tender age of 16. He became an apprentice of the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991. Mike Baur Gradually made his way up in the Banking industry and later on quit to start the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss startup Factory focuses on assisting start-ups owned by young entrepreneurs. Mike Baur partnered with Max Meister to impact the lives of young entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory. The startup factory provides funding to promising startups. It also provides training and mentorship to the startups. The company currently holds the first position in privately financed companies that are independent in Switzerland. Mike Baur attributes the success of the Swiss Startup to the loyal clientele. He also makes a point of building interpersonal relationships with his clients which has helped to grow the company.

The Swiss Start-up Factory runs a Program that that aids the young tech entrepreneurs with intense training on various entrepreneurial subjects. The entrepreneurs also benefit by being in a position to access rent-free offices in the largest city in Switzerland. The entrepreneurs receive supports for three months, and they get assisted in being able to pitch their businesses to other investors. The mentors in the program are drawn from various areas of financial fields such as commodity training, banking, and insurance. The company also offers sponsorships from world’s leading engineering research institutions. The Startups hosted are not limited to a particular area as they could be from any part of the world, making the program a worldwide venture.

Mike Baur focuses on collaboration to generate excellent results in the business. He has created an environment conducive to creative thinking with large open plan spaces and break-out areas from where the young entrepreneurs can brainstorm. The center also has hangout zones and recreational areas from where the entrepreneurs can still access technology.

By working with the different mentors, the entrepreneurs are exposed to potential clients and distributors. The Swiss start Up Factory does not take any form of equity in the startups. The mentors assist the startups to refine their strategies and provide insight to ensure that the final product meets the demand in the market in regards to quality. They also help in a developing a viable plan for the business operations. Mentors are also responsible for introducing the product to the market and giving it a good head start that scales the product to new heights. Mike Baur continues to impact the lives of young entrepreneurs in extraordinary ways, and hundreds of tech establishments can attest to this.