Michel Terpins- Best rally driver in Brazil

The Terpins are a common name in the Brazilian rally driving the sport. They have been in the game for a long time now. The Terpins are two brothers, Michel Terpins and Justo Terpins. They have both made a name in the sport for being skillful drivers as well as being sponsors of an annual rally driving competition. In his lifetime, Michel Terpins have participated and won many competitions that have taken place in Brazil and in the region at large. He has been able to conquer the Latin America region with his skillful driving. Michel Terpins participates in a category known as T1. This is a category where participants use a prototype car called T-Rex. He started using this cat in 2015. This is a car that has made him a winner in a number of competitions. T-Rex is manufactured by MEM Motorsports. The engine of the vehicle has been modified so that it can give a better output. The prototype car has a huge V8 engine that is fed with ethanol. This car has been instrumental in the success that Michel Terpins have accomplished so far.

Michel Terpins have been driving alongside his co-driver and brother Justo. They have both been into a couple of competitions. One of the competitions that they have participated in is the 22nd edition of the famous Sertoes Rally. This is a rally competition that was started by the Terpins and their team. Michel Terpin and his brother formed the Bull Sertoes Rally team. In the 22nd edition of the competition, Michel Terpins was participating using a T-Rex. In the test drive, he finished number seven. This was an impressive achievement given that many drivers did not finish due to the rough and rugged terrain that the competition took place. In the final race, Michel Terpins’ car did not finish due to mechanical complications.

In the 245 the edition of the competition, Michel Terpins managed to reinstate his prowess in the sport after he emerged top. Overall, he was number 5 in the annual competition. In the 25th edition of the sport, it will be another chance for Michel Terpins to show the world that he is the best rally driver in the region.