Markus Rothkranz on Breakfast Television

Markus Rothkranz did a segment on Breakfast Television Toronto in 2011. Being a raw food expert, he shared a plethora of information on how to achieve maximum health, longevity and to slow the signs of aging using raw plant foods. The segment featured of demonstration of him creating s healthy raw food smoothie.

Rothkranz describes his dietary transition that took place over the last 20 years. He explains that in his younger years his health had been compromised, including vital organs such as his kidneys and liver. Initially he started out as a vegetarian removing meat from his diet and then later opted for a vegan lifestyle. However, neither of those diets yielded the health results he was seeking. Eventually he became a completely raw foodist. This healthy transition has caused him to appear much younger than his 50+ years of age.

The health guru goes on to explain that there are living enzymes in plants foods that are destroyed when being cooked or heated. He states that we are the only species in nature that modifies our food instead of eating it in its natural form. This results in our signs of aging that other animals do not suffer from. We are the only species to suffer from hair loss and gray hair as a result of our dietary choices. He recommends focusing on nutritionally dense food and even growing your own garden.

Markus Rothkranz states that if your food is nutritionally dense, you do not have to eat large amounts. He claims that the people that live the longest lives do not consume a lot of food.

On the segment, he demonstrates how to make a healthy raw smoothie. The smoothie contained 50% greens and the other half fruit. He states that it is best to not consume so much fruit and that half of your diet should be green vegetables.

Rothkranz also showcased his book “Heal Your Face” that further discusses how you can reverse the signs of aging through a raw food lifestyle.

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  1. I have seen this to be true by observation whereby I had food with most nutritional food compared to the ones that are not dense. The results were amazing, see then you will understand why I say it is. In fact it looks to me like there should be a calorific measure of the satisfaction of food for energy and completeness.

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