Malcolm Casselle’s Biography

Opskins is the leading company in the provision of Bitcoin merchant services. The company is also a market leader in the sale of inbuilt virtual assets. It has been selling these products with immense success as their products are world class and different from what competitors sell. The company’s CIO is called Malcolm Casselle. Malcom is also the president of a blockchain platform that is used for trading. This platform is called Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). Malcolm has been a leader at many other companies. Before joining WAX, he was the president of New Ventures. This company was primarily called Tribune Publishing but later changed its name to accommodate all the entities that it traded in. He has also been investing in other big companies such as Facebook and Zynga. Recently, he has developed a keen interest in Bitcoin trading and has invested a considerable amount of his money in the business.

Malcolm is an IT guru who has become an expert through hard work and an urge to invent new things in the telecommunication field. He has attended some of the most reputable institutions in the United States that are famed for the provision of quality education in Information Technology. Malcolm is a degree holder in Computer Science from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He later attended Stanford University where he graduated with a master’s degree in the same course. Malcolm is also a profound linguist who is fluent in English, Japanese and Mandarin.

He has had a much-decorated career as the leader of IT firms in many parts of the world. He started a media production website in 1995 along with other people that was called Netnoir. This website was the one of first of its kind in the world to air news about Afrocentric culture. It was also the pioneering outsider institution to be enrolled in the AOL Greenhouse Program. In 1998, Malcolm joined Pacific Century Cyberworks where he served as the company’s vice president. He was also tasked with advising the CEO of this telecommunication company that is headquartered in Hong Kong.He has held leadership roles in many other companies such as Tencent, Groupon, and Timeline Labs.