Learning from Nick Vertucci.

The experience that Nick Vertucci has had in the real estate sector has made him the guru that he is today. He was among the few investors who were able to rise beyond the 2008 crisis and in fact grow their business in the middle of a storm that almost brought the entire industry to its knees. The experience for Nick Vertucci served as a learning curve that would prove to be important and useful to those students that he now trains in the Nick Vertucci real estate academy. He began the school around the year 2013 with the sole purpose of teaching others how to earn a living through real estate and in the same breath become financially secure. He has been able to develop a strategy that has been tested and tried by all manner of market conditions, and it has still proved to be a winner despite the differing circumstances in each. He has simplified this strategy to a basic statement that reads

Get In, Get Out, And Get Paid.

This is a strategy that he teaches his students “in the art of flipping homes.” When broken down further we observe the following steps in the approach.

Get In

Here the investor identifies a good deal and is able to grab it at the lowest rate possible. This decision should be informed by location, price and prevailing market conditions of the property.

Get Out

The step involves the renovation of the piece of real estate. It may also mean a few improvements after which the search for clients who are able to meet the investors ask begins. The step requires skills in marketing and client pitching.

Get Paid

This is every investor’s sweet spot; Nick Vertucci states that after convincing your client and they bought the house which then followed by paying off all the necessary taxes it’s time to cash in.