Jeunesse Offers Products That Increase Longevity

Jeunesse was created on September the ninth, 2009. Founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis even launched the company at approximately 9:00 P.M. The reason why Mr. Ray and Mrs. Lewis launched the firm during the ninth month of 2009 and at 9:00 P.M. has to do with symbolism. They believe the number 9 represents longevity. Mr. Ray and Mrs. Lewis wanted their company to have longevity as part of their founding history.

The goal of Jeunesse Global is to offer high quality supplements and skin care products that not only enhance longevity but that also promote a total sense of well-being. Jeunesse has developed a synergistic system of supplements and products that is called the Y.E.S. system. When Jeunesse products are taken together they work in tandem to promote youthfulness, longevity and good health. Read the article at

One of the products created and sold by Jeunesse is an energy drink called Nevo. This revolutionary new energy drink is branded as the smart choice when it comes to selecting an all-natural and healthful drink that will boost your energy naturally. It is available in four delicious flavors. They are lemon ginger, mixed berry, peach mango and acai grape. Nevo contains 20% real fruit juice.

One of the great things about Nevo is that it is only 50 calories per serving. There are no artificial ingredients and it contains a caffeine alternative known as Guarana. This is a tropical herb from South America that naturally contains caffeine. It is recognized to be safe and is an alternative ingredient to coffee beans. Stay up to date with Jeuness Global at Linkedin.

Other ingredients found in Nevo include green tea extract and yerba mate. These ingredients naturally provide an energy boost without the calories and artificial ingredients found in other energy drinks. Nevo is also fortified with vitamin C and B-vitamins. You can order a case of Nevo which will contain 24 cans of energy drink. A can of Nevo makes up a single serving.

Other products made and sold by Jeunesse are nutritional supplements such as AM and PM essentials. The AM essentials supplement contains key vitamins and minerals needed to get off to a healthy start. PM essentials is formulated to help your body rest and recover during sleep.