Jeff Aronin’s Biotechnology Incubator Takes an Aim at New Cures

Paragon Biosciences is Jeff Aronin’s Biotechnology incubator. The company is driven by a mission of being able to accelerate biotechnology breakthroughs ( They want to allow patients to have access to cures which would not have been accessible in the past, so they have chosen to have their investment portfolio managed by biotech entrepreneurs and investors. Leaders have approximately 13 drugs approved, which is a great track record of success. The company has at it’s principles a commitment to scientific rigor and a commitment to the patients that they serve.

Experts are provided to all of Paragon’s portfolio companies. Entrepreneurs and clinical experts are able to provide strategy and guidance to the biotech companies which form the company’s portfolio. All phases of clinical trials are also conducted by the portfolio companies which make up the Paragon Biosciences Portfolio.

Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and healthcare. His expertise is in complex fields, including drug discovery and rare diseases. He is a connector, bringing talented scientists together to work on rare diseases. Jeff Aronin has a goal of being able to bring treatments to market for diseases that are considered rare. Doing so helps to improve the lives of patients that are often overlooked. In his career, he has seen a total of 13 different drug approvals by the FDA. Before running an incubator, Jeff was the President and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Awards which he has received include: entrepreneur of the year, humanitarian award, and 45 under 45 from Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

His aim is to improve patients’ lives. What sets Jeff Aronin apart from others is that he recognizes that each patient is unique. The patient comes first, and he is driven to ensure that patients’ needs are met. Jeff creates businesses which are aimed at improving the lives of patients. His experience includes having helped build several companies.