How Texas Bank Association Is Strengthening Community Banking

Community Banking is one of the best forms of modern day in the world today. These banking institutions have come along way over the years and have grown dramatically in size, customers, and services. Community Banking has stepped up it’s game by providing services that match or even surpass much larger national/international styled banking facilities. Every year over the past five years, the banking industry comes together for the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is a forum of industry leaders, consultants, and advisers whom are sharing their perspectives as well as ideas for the continuing growth of community banking. This year President and CEO John Holt of NexBank Capital served as a guest panelist.


This is a great way for exploring strategic opportunities, gathering important information, branching, as well as organic growth. John Holt represented the event very well as a panelist for “Reinventing Community Banking.” NexBank Capital is a local regional banking center out of the Dallas, Texas Area. This financial powerhouse specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking as well as a host of other banking services such as commercial lending, agency services, credit services, treasury management, and public funds.


As of 2016, NexBank had an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets. This exclusive financial institution has grown throughout the years and have become one of the top community banking centers in the South. Nexbank has used some of the best innovative technology for staying in this competitive world and many more future endeavors are looking much more promising in the future. Being a part of this exclusive society/line of work has helped these regional facilities by implementing new ideas, techniques for growth, and by staying up-to-date and in the know.

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