Eric Lefkofsky Ventures into the Medical Space with His Latest Venture

Eric Lefkofsky is identified as a devoted husband, role model, leader, and most of all – an entrepreneur. Lekofsky is involved with the production of 6 start-up ventures that continue to impact their respective industries. The success of his ventures did not come without its obstacles. His first start-up initiative, Starbelly, had been bought out and eventually went bankrupt trailing major lawsuits. Lefkofsky’s attitude and persistance led to his success in his later ventures.

Today, Mr Lefkofsky and his wife are involved with the Education and Fine Arts community in Chicago. He serves as a Trustee for numerous prominent institutions in Chicago as well as teaches at the University of Chicago.

Tempus is Lefkofsky’s latest start-up venture. Founded in 2016, the technology company was created in response to witnessing how unclear data effected the efficiency and accuracy of results given during his wife’s treatment of breast cancer. The company’s mission is to improve patient outcomes, further stating on their company website that their intention is to “redefine how genomic data is used in a clinical setting.”

Lefkofsky further explains that the amount of data retrieved from cancer studies is not lacking. Instead, he points out that the response and effect that treatments have is not fluid enough for various sources to access. The data of medical history and treatment of a patient is not easily accessed from researchers, clinicians, and others.

Tempus hopes to improve this gap in data through its technology. The technology behind Tempus acts as a layer between existing records and systems, where it takes in data to filter a cleaner version back to each original source for validation and verification. The data behind the layer combining all the patient data can be saved and further studied to find patterns between treatments and results. Click here to know more.

The value of Tempus is timeless. As modern medicine continues to research and discover vaccines, the data utilized will need to be kept in a database to store and build off of for future experiments and discoveries.