End Citizens United Looks To Field Candidate For 2018

In 2008, James Bopp, a peculiarly named, silver haired lawyer from Terre Haute, entered the courtroom of a federal judge council in Washington, D.C. to debate that a film called Hillary: The Movie, should be able to air on television. The film was produced and financed by the political action committee known as Citizens United.

The film alleged that Hillary R. Clinton was a European style Socialist and that she was a malevolent and underhanded political schemer; because the FEC declared that the film was essentially a paid campaign advertisement that did not say specifically who funded it, it would not be allowed to air. Bopp argued that there was little difference between Hillary: The Movie and a extended production of 60 minutes. The court disagreed and he was laughed right out of the room, quite literally. When Mr. James Bopp, determined as ever, returned two years later and completely overturned the ruling it no longer seemed a laughing matter.

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The group that backed Bopp and the film, which did eventually air, Citizens United, is not without its detractors, however. Utmost among them is the political action committee called End Citizens United, which was created for the express purpose of combating Citizens United and getting big money out of politics. As one observes in the case of Hillary: The Movie, the financial backers who actually funded the film utilize their super PACs which means that the nature and intent behind productions and lobbying measures is often completely mysterious and palled.

This is a relatively recent development in Americas history which had, previously, had a great aversion to fiscally opaque measures, especially ones that were ensconced in law. This is precisely what End Citizens United hopes to combat and one of the primary ways they have decided to do so is by fielding their own candidates to local and federal offices. Of course, this is not easy task and will require considerable effort and funding and so the PAC has set about on a grass roots funding campaign which has netted them over 4 million dollars as of the first three months of this year alone. Their expected financial net gain for the midterms of 2018 is currently estimated at around $ 35 million; with that kind of backing, End Citizens United is looking at increasingly good odds of living up to their name.