Doug Levitt’s American Ride

Doug Levitt has been riding the bus for over ten years and does not show any signs of stopping in the near future. Even when his seat mate is a former Neo Nazi gentleman, who just got released from jail. Turns out his seat mate was a stand up guy who offered to split his food, and sit on the floor so Levitt could catch some sleep. More about Doug at

This has become one of the reasons why Doug Levitt still travels across the country and back. He likes having his finger on the pulse of America and considers his traveling, song writing and storytelling as a way of life now, not a project anymore.

Levitt, a former CNN foreign correspondent, started riding the bus as a job going from one undecided town to the next, trying to sway potential voters to register and vote for then Presidential candidate John Kerry. After the job was finished, Doug stayed on the bus meeting a cross section of the American public who are the working America so often misrepresented.

That is how The Greyhound Diaries were born. Levitt wanted to share the plight of every day Americans and spread awareness about the real economic state of America. He saw the economic crunch coming way before it arrived and predicted Trump would win the election a full year before the final vote.

Traveling and sharing stories with strangers has helped Levitt’s mental well being also. Doug has had some personal issues left over from when his dad committed suicide as Doug was entering his teen years. Talking about the trauma has been very cathartic for Doug. One could say there is a feeling of strangers helping strangers when personal stories are shared.

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