UKV PLC: Wine Guide

French wine selection can be a daunting task even for the wine experts. For you to understand the process, you need to know the basics of wine selection.

According to the UKV PLC experts, one should pay attention to the labeling of the wine. While most wine bottles are labeled on Grape variety, the French wines are labeled according to the origin and the region.

The specific region of the wine plays a significant role in determining quality of wine. It is assumed that the climate, altitude, soil, and local tradition influence the character of the wine. Various types of wines are produced in France. However, it is important for you as a beginner to know the wine regions.


The region is located on the Atlantic Coast. The region is famous for exporting their wine to other countries. The vineyards in Bordeaux produce Medium reds and a variety of grapes. A bottle of the Bordeaux can contain the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec or the Merlot. The region has over 10,000 wine producers. You can access the Bordeaux wines at affordable rates from the UKV PLC.


Burgundy is one of France wine producing wine regions. Most of the locals produce both white and red wines. The Chardonnay grapes are usually used to make the white wines. These types of grapes give the wine its fruity flavor.


Sparkling wine from other regions, standard Crémant and the French Champagne differ when it comes to the production of the bubbly wine. UKV PLC sells the French Champagne.


The Loire is the most versatile wine producing region in France. There are many vineyards located across the region, and they all produce different types of wines. The Upper Loire region specializes on the Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon.


If you are looking to buy the French wine, you can seek advice from the UKV PLC consultants. The Company offers face to face consultations. One can visit their offices or schedule a meeting at the place of your choice. The UKV PLC team will help you to choose the perfect wine for you depending on the occasion and the type of business.333

UKV PLC Curates Wine Investments

Wine is a tremendously complex beverage. And a tremendously complex industry. And French wine is the most complex yet rewarding of all. Therefore, UKV PLC has published a guide to French wine to help people understand the basics.

The place to start is with the appellation system of how the French name their wines. The French wines based on the region where the grapes were grown. The French government regulates the classification system and the types of grapes grown by region as well as the way the vineyards in the region make their wines.

The system also recognizes how each region’s grapes are affected by the soil, the weather, altitude and topography. Each place produces unique wines. Champagne, Burgundy, Loire and Bordeaux are the major French wine producing regions.

UKV PLC specializes in buying and selling the highest grade wines and champagnes in the world, for both investment and drinking pleasure. Many websites become profitable businesses by curating content. UKV PLC don’t produce their own articles, but they bring their readers the most valuable articles, videos and blog posts on their subject from the rest of the Internet.

In the same way, UKV PLC curates Investment Grade luxury wines for investors. They acquire the leading labels from the finest vineyards of France, Italy and Spain. Some of their customers are simply connoisseurs who want to enjoy drinking the best. Others are collectors who are putting together valuable cellars of fine wines that will appreciate in value as time goes on.

United Kingdom of Vintners, UKV PLC, Investment Grade Wines and Much More

United Kingdom of Vintners, which is a Public Limited Company operating out of London known by its acronym, ‘UKV PLC,’ is in the business of bring together wine lovers from all over the world with high grade luxury wines. Already there is a high level of prestige connected with UKV PLC as they work with clients who not only enjoy and appreciate a very fine bottle of wine, but also those who are developing a their own prestigious private wine collection

There is also another aspect of the very finest wines; they can be a very good investment.

This is not as crazy as it might sound, a good bottle of wine at one time was very common item to be used to barter for other goods or services. In today’s world. wine investment is a big business and brings a great deal of satisfaction for those that truly have learned to really appreciate a ‘Vintage’ year; a year in which certain vineyards experience almost perfect weather for the growth of grapes that are of an unusually high quality when it comes to turning them into wine.

To further emphasize this point; Gulf Airline Emirates has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 12 years in acquiring the finest wines to hold and not just as an investment, but to truly treat their passengers with the finest of luxuries one can experience while flying around the world.

UKV PLC acts as a broker between those wishing to acquire specific wines of exceptional value and also rare wines that can make a wine collector’s private wine cellar a dream come true.

They offer Spanish and Italian wines, a large selection of Burgundy and Marguax wines, as well as specializing in champagnes. Some of these wines come with a price tag of £40,000.00, 40,000 British Pounds, which is equivalent to almost $50,000.00 U.S. UKV PLC is a high class business offering the best of the very best.

They do have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter feed you can find here: @UkvPlc. They provide links to a variety of news and information regarding investment grade wines.

UKV PLC is small but elite group of dedicated and passionate individuals and they love to meet in person with their clients giving each on of them the special attention they deserve to really understand what the client wants and why they want it in order to better serve them.