Heal N Soothe Promotes a Healthy and Pain-Free Lifestyle

     Heal N Soothe contains systemic enzymes which help defend the body from inflammation. Enzymes reduce inflammation so that the body can create, repair, and regenerate injured tissues. By reducing inflammation, the body will have improved heart health, memory will be improved, and cancer can even be prevented. The body is also better able to recover from strains, sprains, bruises, fractures, surgery, contusions, and joint pain.

Heal N Soothe promotes healing without side effects and is not just a quick fix like many drugs that are used to treat pain and actually helps to fix the problem by reducing inflammation.

Heal N Soothe contains some of the most powerful pain fighters there are such as Tumeric, Boswellia, Rutin, Papain, Ginger, just to name a few pain-fighting ingredients.

Proteolytic systemic enzymes work hard to fight inflammation and also helps the breakdown of scar tissue. These enzymes also cleanse the blood and boosts immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular function. Bromelain was discovered in 1957, and it has been shown to reduce swelling. It also helps to rid the body of toxins from the blood.

Tumeric extract destroys free radicals that cause pain and swelling, and papain is a natural anti-inflammatory. Tumeric is also known to promote healthy blood circulation as well. Boswellia extract promotes healthy blood circulation and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Rutin is a powerful antioxidant, and Mojave yucca root promotes a healthy immunity and aids digestion. Ginger extract has been used for over 2,500 years and is commonly used to treat nausea. It is also an effective pain reliever. Devil’s claw fights pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Heal N Soothe also contains citrus bioflavonoids which protects the body from oxidative damage.

Heal N Soothe is affordable at $59 for a month’s supply and can be bought online at Heal N Soothe or on Amazon.

This product is easy to take on a daily basis and can be adjusted to every individual’s needs up to three doses a day. It is best taken 30 minutes prior to eating or at least an hour after a meal. It does not contain any ingredients that originated from animals and does not have any reported side effects. Heal N Soothe is ideal for anyone wanting to be free from inflammation and pain. Heal N Soothe supports respiratory and cardiovascular function and helps to maintain a healthy immune response as well as improved joint function.

Offering Healthcare To The Community

Our elderly population, physically and developmentally challenged people deserve proper care and attention. To create this provision, Sussex Healthcare Company runs a collection of twenty homes in Sussex. This company is managed and operated independently. Sussex Healthcare has been offering professional care to its clients for the past twenty-five years. Every day, the management strives to offer quality care and treatment to each resident of Sussex Healthcare community.

When the organization began in 1985, it was small but had a great vision. Today, the establishment has built a strong reputation in Sussex region. This community lives happily and guaranteed that they can access the best care for their loved with developmental challenges, disabled people or the elderly.

Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of services to patients. Among the services are various forms of therapy, educational programs, fitness, rehabilitation, personal training and general lifestyle consultation. All these services are dependent on personal needs. Every patient requires a different. Therefore, he or she will be offered customized care. This means services relating to audiology are available and will be offered according to the individual’s needs.

All employees at Sussex Healthcare are trained caregivers, nurses, doctors, qualified therapists, and personal trainers among others. All homes are operational 24 hours every day, in case a patient requires immediate care. Nurses are readily available to help where they are needed.

As these professionals attend to patients, they also advance their education and knowledge. They want to stay updated with any new knowledge and practices in their professions. This zeal to become better employees has played a major role in enhancing the overall experience of the patients.

The organization’s mission is to be professional in their operations. Employees work hard to ensure all patients are comfortable, living a healthy life and enjoying a suitable environment. Recently, Sussex Healthcare introduced a gym for the residents. They will have an opportunity of maintaining fitness, which is an essential part of their health.

The organization’s effort of delivering quality health, professionalism and comfort has left patients satisfied. People who admit their relatives to any of these homes are happy they did so. They can live their lives knowing their loved ones are living a full life. Sussex Healthcare inspires every individual to live to their full potential.

Please read “Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents” for more.

Sussex Health Care Nursing Home

Sussex Health Care is a nursing home, started nearly 25 years ago, providing care for patients suffering from issues with Alzheimer’s, dementia as well as patients who may be suffering neurological diseases that result in learning impairment. What makes This institution unique is that it is located in the beautiful countryside and the facility itself resembles more like a homely surrounding as opposed to a conventional hospital. The facility, not surprisingly, is located in Sussex, England. The following is a more in-depth look at the types of care they provide.

Elderly Care

The whole idea behind this type of care is to make the members feel that they have never left home. This way, they can continue enjoying a healthy life filled with mentally and physically stimulating activities to keep them from feeling like they have lost their sense of freedom. Activities include some sports, handicrafts, music, and dance as well as art therapy, to name a few. There are therapy sessions also, which is done according to the need of the guests, and they include occupational therapy, reflexology, and physiotherapy. What is care facility if it doesn’t have good food as well and Sussex Health Care knows and understands this, therefore they provide highly trained chef who cooks good and wholesome meals for the guests.

Dementia and Neurological Care

Even though medically speaking these two are different, they both involve people who have brain or mind related health issues that call for specialized care. Sussex Health Care has trained staff adept at providing the necessary care and guidance towards this. They do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dementia and neurological disorders. All service users are treated as special entities who require detailed attention, to travel on the road to recovery. AS with elderly care, the facility provides many activities to keep guests busy.


PMLD refers to people with different types of disabilities. This could be learning disabilities or physical disabilities. Again, this type of care is offered in a specialized way with plenty of one-on-one attention from trained caregivers. They are adept at giving physio as well as hydrotherapy sessions.

NuoDB’s SQL Database

Founded in Massachusetts, NuoDB uses a new technology that is in use by many huge companies around the world. These are companies like Kodiak, Dassault, UAE Exchange. The company was founded in the year of 2008 under another name. The other name was NimbusDB. The name was later changed to NuoDB to improve name recognition. The name was changed to NuoDB in 2011. NuoDB uses a patented technology called “elasticity scalable database”. The creator of this technology is Jim Starkey.

The company has received many awards over the years. It gained 14 million in venture capital investment in 2012 and was deemed an Innovation All Star by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech in the year 2014. NuoDB to this date has received over 60 million dollars in investing.

The technology is really quite impressive. The simple explanation is as follows. It is an elastic SQL database for SQL database applications operating in the crowd. It is often referred to as New SQL database. The technology is SQL database compliant and utilizes technology that allows added cloud servers to scale out without error. NuoDB makes servers in the cloud run faster and more efficiently.

Avaaz Enlists The World In Global Activism

Avaaz is a global community of activists who have been brought together by founder Ricken Patel and a number of global activists from Australia, the U.S., and areas of Europe. The global activist community has been changed forever as more than 44 million people have become members of Avaaz in a bid to have a positive impact on the way activist groups conduct their work in the modern digital age; becoming global activists has become one of the most important aspects of the work completed by the members of Avaaz as they work together to have a positive impact on the world.

Addressing the most important causes facing the planet does not always mean taking on the most famous issues facing the world, but identifying the areas of the most need that have been identified by a team of activists appointed by Avaaz to determine which causes are most needed to help the world. Avaaz believes the biggest fights facing the planet take in many different areas of the world and include conservation, human rights issues, and the need to battle the powers of capitalism.

The need for a great number of activists fighting the issues facing the world was identified by founder Ricken Patel as being of great importance to taking on the biggest problems in the world in the modern day. The use of digital technology includes the need to develop a new way of publicizing the problems facing the world, the use of videos has become a major way for activists to express their views on the problems facing the world. Avaaz has also made clear its desire to overcome the problems caused by the Administration of President Donald Trump over the years as he has been seen as becoming a problem for the conservation of the planet.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

Technological Advancements the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Using In Treatment Procedures

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America aligned with the NantHeal and All scripts in establishing a forum that will run the cancer treatment proceedings without interfering with the normal work schedule of the physicians. This program is called the Clinical Pathway, according to George Daneker, a medical officer at one of the cancer treatment centers this forum will ensure the physicians have unbiased information by keeping them in the loop of contemporary data and research in the field of oncology. This system offers the patients a chance to review and opt for a treatment they are content. With taking into consideration the unique needs of a patient, the system synchronizes latest research, treatment, and therapy giving oncologists a lead on developing the most appropriate care procedure.

The Clinical Pathway program will give patients knowledge of their medical state; present them with a variety of treatment options they can choose from and current time functionality. The mode of order entry the system uses is safe for the patient to operate and with information presented comes clinical evidence to back it up. The system provides information on therapy and care delivery processes thus offering excellent quality services to its clients. The forum also provides a platform for health discussions between patients and the specialists. These open discussions instill confidence in the patients while giving them tips on improving the quality of their lives and also enables insurance providers to verify the treatment techniques offered.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America came into existence in 1988. The hospital first started in Illinois but later opened other four hospitals in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta and Arizona. These hospitals have competent oncologists specialized in using advanced technologies to offer treatment to each patient. They incorporate treatment techniques like chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery while providing effective therapy to cope with side effects of the treatment.

The headquarters of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America was in Schaumburg, Illinois before moving to Boca Raton, Florida. These hospitals have been honored by the Joint Commission and also received the Magnet Award. They have been named Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and also the US Centers for Medi care& Medicaid services.

The Evolution of the NuoDB Cloud Database

Technology evolves fast and a company has to adapt and keep up to meet their client’s needs. NuoDB is at the forefront of assisting meeting the demands of business by building smarter, more consistent databases for critical cloud applications. NuoDB offers the stability, elasticity, and availability needed by today’s most demanding hybrid cloud applications. More and more companies are turning to cloud deployments to meet the needs of their growing and technologically evolving client base. With a rapidly growing mobile clientele, they often turn to cloud technology that can support today’s cloud-based, an on-demand economy without losing any of the benefits of the more traditional relational database.
Sometimes called the “NewSQL”, NuoDB is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications that is fully SQL compliant. Each database runs across computers within or across multiple data centers, which allows the system to process more than 1 million transactions per second. More servers can be added to the network without sharding, allowing the database to distribute tasks amongst several processors. Unlike others, NuoDB is able to expand its databases by adding more servers instead of replacing hardware. This process can be run from anywhere and lets data avoid bottlenecks, meaning faster, more reliable applications running from NuoDB databases.

Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Possible In Sureste Basin

One-hundred to five-hundred million barrels of oil. That is the estimate for how much oil could be found in the Sureste Basin off of the coast of Mexico. Not a bad find if someone could just get to it. For nearly the last eighty years it was not possible. The only company permitted to drill in the region was the state-owned Mexican oil company. That is not the case anymore. Last year the people of Mexico voted in favor of permitting private companies to get involved.

Private companies Talos Energy, Sierra Oil and Gas, and Premier Oil have been selected to pay a fee to be allowed to conduct a joint venture into the waters of the Sureste Basin to look for the oil. All three have teamed up to try to make this work.

Talos Energy is one of the big regional players. They are based in Houston and have been itching to get their drills down into these waters for some time. Any oil find in the area could easily be transported back to their headquarters and sold on from there. It could be a very nice payday for them if estimates of how much is down there turn out to be anywhere close to true.

The people on Wall Street who follow these types of things are absolutely foaming at the mouth at the idea that these private companies have been allowed such access. They are keeping a keen eye on how things are developing, but it is safe to say that they are very excited by what they have seen so far. They are saying that this could be the biggest story in the industry this year if it turns out to be anything close to accurate on the predictions.

The Sureste Basin is a region largely untouched by any oil company and thus could be teaming with oil. If the companies are successful in finding a lot of oil in the area, then expect that they will petition to have more exploration of the region in the future. They are not about to stop if this one turns out to be as good as it seems like it might be.

Omar Yunes Brings Glory to Sushi Itto after Being Crowned the BFW 2015 Winner

2015 was the Sushi Itto’s year to shine in the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) after its franchisee, Mr. Sushi Itto, emerged the overall winner in the competition. The BFW award was handed to Omar in an auspicious ceremony that was hosted in Italy’s Florence City early last year. Portugal, France, and Argentina were among the 34 nations from the world over that sent representatives to the ceremony. Omar’s win was expected, particularly because he had emerged top among the other Mexican franchisees during the BFW Mexico edition.

Why Omar Won

To arrive at the winner, several aspects were put into consideration. First, the winning franchisee had to be influential not just in the brand but also in the entire network. Secondly, the winner was supposed to have contributed towards the growth of the entire network. Thirdly, it was mandatory for the winning franchisee to be excellent in motivating his employees. Lastly, the franchisee’s saving record was examined.

As far as the four requirements were concerned, Omar Yunes was over-qualified for the award. Having joined Sushi Itto as a young professional aged only 21 years, Omar has done tremendously well in growing the Japanese food chain. By the end of 2015, he has employed over 400 people in his 13 franchised units distributed across Mexico.

Omar’s Efforts Praised

Diego Elizarrarras was among the organizers of BFW Mexico. Commenting after Omar’s win, Diego was of the opinion that Omar’s ability to create a seamless coordination between the franchisee and the franchise was the key to his success. This, he said, made management easy within the network. Benjamin Cancelmo also joined Diego in congratulating Omar for his win. The CEO of Sushi Itto said that the award was a clear indication of the network’s improved customer service and hospitality. Prendamex was also well represented during the awards, with one of its franchisees, Mr. Ivan Tamer, taking up the second position.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a renowned Mexican franchisee who currently serves under the Sushi Itto food network. Born in 1978, Omar announced his brilliance when he joined Sushi Itto in 1999 and made remarkable strides from the beginning. Now in his late 30s and with a BFW in the bag, Omar’s entrepreneurship success seems like it has just started.

Success Academy Students Earn Top Performance Resulting in Expansion Expectations

Success Academy has a total of 41 charter schools within all boroughs of New York, with the exception of Staten Island. The charter has recently expanded to add another high school to its network which will provide 1,200 new students educational opportunities in the Bronx.


In April of each year, Success Academy grants students access to their charter schools through a lottery pool. This year the school received more than 17,000 applications from students. Leaders of the charter are hoping to see another expansion in the network in order to allow more students to attend the schools in the coming years.


Families, who want their students to receive the type of top education which Success Academy provides, see the idea of expansion as a welcomed solution. With the exceptional outcome of the schools performance each year, the charter network has seen an increase in the number of applicants. This increase goes to the core of the educational efforts put forth by the teachers of Success Academy.


With a one to one relationship with each teacher, students are afforded a more supportive role in learning. The curriculum by the teacher starts with 80 minutes of direct instruction-learning, followed by individual one to one learning which is broken down in much smaller groups. This advanced learning platform has provided students a better opportunity to become fully engaged with their learning, and the teachers have been able to reach a core line within the student’s capabilities to learn.


In 2016, for the eighth consecutive year, Success Academy has over-achieved with top performing test scores. The outstanding student results included 95 percent proficiency in math and 82 percent proficiency in English. In addition, students considered as English Language Lerner’s exceeded their peers statewide.


Many of the students of Success Academy come from low-income families making up 76 percent of the projected 14,000 applicants each year and 95 percent are minorities. With 2017 results totaling 17,000 applicants; 5,600 from the Bronx alone, an expansion development is  the key to students being able to receive the top education which Success Academy has offered since being founded in 2006.