OneLogin had a busy year last year

Last year was a great year for OneLogin. They had someone new in command of the company. Brad Brooks is the new CEO. He plans to take the company to new heights. OneLogin was appraised as one of top ten places to work at in Fortune Magazine. Airbus becomes a client of OneLogin. Last year OneLogin had happy consumers. The company had launched a new authorization program. It can detect if a login is secure or not. The company’s app has new features that include more variable searching, having most used apps on the portal and having the app work with other apps. The company’s cloud has a better access to on-prem apps. Since last year was a great year for OneLogin, 2018 will be even better.

OneLogin is a cloud-based technology company. It was founded in 2009. The founders were Thomas and Christian Pedersen. They saw that companies were moving towards cloud-based technology. So they found OneLogin to give those companies an easy way to manage identity and access better in the cloud. OneLogin embarked in 2010 and had support from CRV. OneLogin’s main office is in San Francisco, California. They have 51-200 employees. Onelogin currently has over 2,000 global customers that rely on the company for secure identities in the cloud.

Onelogin allows customers a lower cost of managing identities and directory synthesis. Thier cloud directory helps keep the profiles secure and up to date. Onelogin offers a less time-consuming way to get reporting and get access without having a million password changes. They offer top-notch security by having multi-factor authorization. OneLogin has security across all devices. With having one login, a business can run more smoothly. OneLogin has thousands of apps and a person can add an app to their directory. If the app is not there, a simple request to Onelogin can be made.