Kabbalah Centre – Centres for Enlightenment and Fulfillment

The world is plagued with chaos of all sorts, natural disasters, wars, bad politics, and societal breakdown, among others. However, many beliefs argue that this chaos was never meant to be. Religion, which purports to make the world a better place to live, is increasingly fueling division. However, there is one particular spiritual teaching that supersedes religion and seeks to overcome the chaos called the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah

The Kabbalah teaches how to overcome the chaos in the world and receive fulfillment. It is a set of teachings that reveal the creator’s original purpose for the universe and its most precious creation of mankind. Although it dates back 5,000 ago, it is incredibly relevant today on almost every aspect of human life, from health to work and spirituality among others.

For over 4,000 years, access to the Kabbalah was exclusive only for the most enlightened male Jews above 40 years. Today, however, this priceless knowledge is available to anyone regardless of race or religion.

Kabbalah Centers – A Vast and Growing Network

A Kabbalah Centre is a place of learning where all the teachings of the Kabbalah are explored in detail. The first Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel in 1922. Back then, access was exclusive for male Jews only. Today, however, the centre has expanded significantly to span over 40 cities worldwide, and the centres are open to anyone regardless of race, sex, and religion.

In essence, the Kabbalah is an exploration of the five books of creation and the Bible as a whole. The physical teachings in the Torah and scriptures are deciphered to uncover the spiritual meaning behind them. To this end, all Kabbalah centers around the world are headed by enlightened teachers capable of deciphering the teachings accurately for new students.

Custodians of the Kabbalah teachings have also utilized the power of the internet to make the knowledge available to even more people worldwide. However, the internet is used just as a portal for the live classes as the lessons are either live or recorded classes. This ensures that the teachings are accurate, and, coupled with the virtual support counters, learning the Kabbalah online is just as interactive and engaging as attending a Kabbalah center.