Todd Lubar Helps Others Live Their Dream of Owning Property in Real Estate

President of TDL Global Ventures and Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments, Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur with hopes of helping to teach others how they can fulfill their dreams. Todd has worked in the real estate background for more than 20 years. Todd has been ranked by at the top of the 25 Mortgage originators within the country during the last few years.

Todd Lubar has worked in other areas of the industry as well. He has maintained backgrounds within the entertainment industry as well as with construction and mortgage banking. He is very passionate with his desire to help the community learn the trade of successful business.

According to, in the 20 years of him working within the finance department and credit space, Todd knew he had to help others learn how they can live their dream of owning a home. He created a way to cut out the barriers which keep hopeful home owners away from the loans they need and created a product which allows for the consumer to get the relief they need.

Todd has worked hard his entire life to get to the point of success that he is at now. During high school, Todd worked locally at a grocery store for close to a year. He worked hard during the course of his year in grocery however he learned very quickly that this area of work is not what he longed for.

Todd Lubar first started out in the real estate bracket in 1995. When Todd first started out, he began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corp. This is where he initially entered into conservative banking. It was during this time period that Todd built long lasting relationships with real estate agents as well as CPA’s and financial planners along with the insurance agents.

1999 served as a good year for Todd as he then began another relationship with an equity position for Legacy Financial Group. This is what offered him the opportunity to be able to lend what he knows to others and help broker loans to the investors on the outside. Then in 2002, Todd decided he had to do more. This is when he formed Legendary Properties, LLC.