Horrifying And Creepy Stories Told By Psychiatric Ward Employees


Psychiatric Wards have a notorious reputation for being the site of horror stories and other creepy events. Some of these psych ward stores told by employees may just point that there is some truth to these words. We describe some of the more spooky stories below.


One female pharmacy technician described how she would dispense medicine to patients in a psychiatric ward at a hospital that she worked in. One of the patients she served was a nine year old boy. The boy was extremely polite to her and would always say hello to her whenever he saw her.


One day, other female nurses and staff saw this female pharmacy technician talking to the boy outside his room. They told him that he had killed his own mother, after his teacher refused to allow her to call him mom. The boy had grown very attached to his teacher. After hearing that she cannot be his mom, because he already had a mom, the boy slit his mother’s throat while sleeping. This story proves that no matter how nice someone may seem, they can be truly sinister or disturbed underneath. Who would have thought that such a a young and polite boy could be a killer?


Another shocking event that a psychiatric ward worker saw was that one women had gouged out her own eyes with her own bare hands. What is even more disturbing her is that she was holding her own eyes in her hands. By her door, was another worker lying on the ground who had suffered a heart attack and collapsed when he saw this gruesome scene.