Meet Greg Finch in Orthopedic Surgery World

The Orthopedic Surgery is a company of medicine that deals with the conditions of a Musculoskeletal system. Surgeons in this office use both the methods of surgical and nonsurgical to treat musculoskeletal related problems. The involved doctors are required to be trained and educated on diagnosing, carrying out preoperative, operative and postoperative on musculoskeletal related treatment, diseases and injuries.


Among the top, most common orthopedic Surgery procedures involved is the total joint replacement. Here the joint is entirely replaced with either plastic or metals with a natural shape. It is aimed at restoring natural and healthy function. A surgeon assesses a patient’s damaged part, of which most of the patients are diagnosed with initial severe arthritis.


Another procedure involved Orthopedic Surgery is the spine surgery. In this case, different problems may lead to spine surgery. Reported patients seek help for increasing back pain which hinders their day to day work. In spine fusion a type of spine surgery, surgeons join backbones called vertebrae. The procedure limits stretching of nerves and motion between bones.


However for a surgeon like Dr. Greg Finch, a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery trained for seven years and in the year 2001 got awarded by Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). Greg Finch finds himself to have little interest in invasive spine surgery but enjoys all forms of spinal surgery. Dr. Greg Finch later had two years of experience working with world leading in spine surgeons in the USA, UK, and Germany.


In his career, Dr. Greg Finch has to create awareness so as to reach his clients. He uses social media as well, and he is located at the Coast Sunshine private hospital Australia. Working in the Department of sunshine coast spine holding the position of Spine and Orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Greg Finch also accepts private patients who do not have health fund.