Rocketship Education System

Rocketship Education is an organization that forms a connection with elementary public schools. It is a non-profitable organization that aims at facilitating the learning process in low-income communities. The system chips into close the gap that makes low-income communities not to access quality education. Rocketing Education network is however different from the regular system as it incorporates the whole community in its program. It empowers teachers, engages parents and inspires the community as a whole. This system ends up transforming the entire society through its program. Since the foundation of Rocketship Education, the capability of management to use learning models with software is tremendous.

Rocketship Education is perhaps one of the most famous education systems. The main aim of the system is to revolutionize the learning modes in the schools and the community as a whole. The system has proved to be one of the most efficient models in America. Rocketship education program is celebrated by many among the as pioneers of online learning. Having millions of dollars flowing from different donors such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the organization is impacting communities in a greater way. Obama administration also participates in the donations to make the program run without financial constraints.

One of the most attractive features of the organization is the innovative approach. The method used promises that a combination of intensive online work with curriculum assists the less advantaged students. Despite the growth, the network has challenges. Loss of the primary staff members and struggling with programs especially reading. The state exams show that students score well in Mathematics exams. Leaders in the network say that the number of students attending Rocketing schools is rising. This indicates that the number of people with interest in this system is on the rise. The system has set to show that:

  1. Learning begins at home before it continues in school
  2. Demand can change a system
  3. Parents influence learning
  4. Educators can create a responsive learning environment
  5. Action is powerful
  6. Students benefit from purposeful implements
  7. Learning never stops
  8. Being definite assist in achieving objectives set
  9. A good team can make an organization successful
  10. One should be proud of the work they do