The RealReal Leads the Way with Pop-ups

The RealReal may be starting a new trend: pop-up stores. 2018 will be the year of the RealReal’s pop-up stores. The RealReal’s marketing director noted that the average in store order is six times that of an online order. Until 2018, the RealReal did not have a brick and mortar store. They did a pop-up in New York City in 2016 and were extremely successful, so they opened a store in 2018 in Soho, NY.

The RealReal was formerly only operating as a web-based retailer. Now, after the success of their Soho store, they are testing the success of pop-ups across the country.

In November, they held a two-month pop-up in San Francisco. Each time the RealReal hosts a pop-up, their online buyers increase as much as 500% from the previous year. This March, the RealReal will host a pop-up in Las Vegas.

The RealReal’s appeal lies in the product it’s making affordable for the average woman. They are a consignment shop for designer clothes, accessories and home goods. Saving hundreds of dollars on a designer bag or shoes is the irresistible draw that pulls in the anxious consumer by the droves. The RealReal works with authenticators who verify the authenticity of the items being sold. An horologists will verify a watch’s origins, a gemologist will verify any precious stones and a curator will verify artwork. And knowledgeable experts verify the authenticity of designer clothing, bags and shoes.

The consumer can feel 100% confident they are getting the quality product they wish to buy at the RealReal.

The RealReal pop-ups will be just as unique as the pop-up in New York which featured a cafe and a flower shop along with on hand authenticators. The pop-ups will have special features as well, that suit the region. They will have special education workshops for their VIP customers: “The History of Chanel” and “How to Value a Diamond“.

The RealReal has been a very successful online and brick and mortar consignment shop. This has inspired others to compete for their customer: ThredUp and Vestiaire Collective. Still, the RealReal is the leading consignment seller with seven million members and an excellent marketing plan with pop-ups leading the way.

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