Do It Right, The Last Time

For anyone who has more than four decades’ experience in their field, life can seem a bit predictable. Waking up each day and working in a field where one has an intimate and nearly predictive command can lead to intellectual wither. For one of The Top 100 transportation executives of the millennium, life needs something else, something to balance a devotion to a career.

Perry Mandera’s lifelong development of logistics and delivering the right supplies at exactly the right time began with his service in the United States military. When his comrades and brothers in arms depended on him fulfilling his tasks to the best of his ability, he rose to the challenge and left a distinguished legacy of service. What that service gave to him, though, was worth even more: a strong and unwavering belief in his own ability, and an appreciation for the scale of the task ahead of him.

That task began in 1976 and has consumed his professional life in the forty-two years since. But it isn’t just a passion for matching human needs with material goods and services that drives Perry Mandera; in fact, his defining legacy is this mastery of logistics with a charitable bent. Employees of The Custom Company know that their CEO has an ear to the ground and knows when people need help, and what they need. This tradition of giving helps shape and define the culture of The Custom Company, and is a reflection of Perry’s own values and ideals (

As his daily tasks have shifted to more of an administrative and leadership role, Perry’s experience becomes his greatest asset. Every employee at The Custom Company knows that, even though their ideal is to do things perfectly each and every time, mistakes do happen. It’s important for each employee and for the company at large to learn from these mistakes, and to move forward as a leading light in an ever-changing and more competitive marketplace.

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