Greg Secker, a Forex Trade Guru with a Passion of Helping Others

Greg Secker is an established trader, international speaker, and an entrepreneur. After watching many people struggle to make it in the trading industry, Greg decided to start training the basics of foreign trading. This resulted in the collaboration of several companies among them The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index to form Knowledge to Action Group. The group trains people how to trade wisely with the aim of helping them improve their lives.

Formation of Knowledge to Action Group

Greg started working as a home-based trader at the age of 27 and realized he could make a living through foreign trade. When he started trading, he ensured that he would reinvest a portion of what he earned. After less than six months, he was already making good money. After this, he started training his family and close friends how to trade. According to Greg, the secret to making it as a foreign trader is knowing how to invest your money and the right time to do so.

His journey has not been without challenges but instead of giving up, Greg Secker revisited his plans and noted where he had gone wrong. This led to him webinars that he uses to train people how to trade on Learn to Trade platform. Greg considers the formation of Knowledge to Action Group as his most significant success. This is because, through the platform, he was able to pull together different resources and give people a second chance to change their lives for the better.

Greg’s Education and Career Life

Greg Secker is an English-born businessman and entrepreneur. He attended Nottingham University where he studied Agriculture and Food Sciences. He started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he was involved in the development of foreign exchange trading systems. He later moved on to create his business, The Virtual Trading Desk, which was the first business of its kind to offer real-time online Forex trading system.

He was elected the vice president of US-based Fortune 500 investment bank, Mellon Financial Corporation. The position helped him connect with international trading centers hence increasing his exposure. In three months, he was able to open Learn to Trade, which is the world’s largest platform in offering online trading education.