USHEALTH Group Growing in RecognitionWith Leader Troy McQuagge at the helm

Mr. Troy McQuagge is the head of the US-baed health coverage company USHEALTH Group, Inc. Me. McQuagge is operating as the chief executive officer of the business.

The company of USHEALTH Group, Inc. has been a recipient of a lot of recognition over the past couple of years. The business is booming for USHEALTH as it has established itself as one of the most stable and secure health coverage providers in the United States of America.

The chief executive Mr. Troy McQuagge assumed his responsibilities as President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group Inc back in 2014. Before he was appointed to the position, Mr. Troy McQuagge used to be a part of the distribution subsidiary of the business called USHEALTH Advisors. He joined the agency in 2010 and brought with him a fresh perspective and many ideas. Mr. Troy McQuagge re-built the USHEALTH Advisors and improved its operation which earned him the promotion to his current positions.

President and CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge has received the recognition of a handful of organizations and publications. The most prominent honors he has received were last year in 2016 and again at the beginning of 2017. Last year, Mr. Troy McQuagge was named the CEO of the Year and won the gold by One Planet Awards. In January this year, Mr. Troy McQuagge also received the prize for business achievement and professional excellence.

The recognition also goes beyond the individual and extends to both USHEALTH Group Inc and the subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors LLC. The mother company has been recognized by leaderboards on many occasions as one of the most stable businesses in the industry of health insurance in the United States of America. The firm received an award for Best Product Innovation earlier this year which was awarded by CEO World Award. The company won a second gold award as well for Corporate Social responsibility Initiative.

USHEALTH Advisors, in turn, was announced as the winner of a Stevie Award for best customer service and sales. Indeed, USHEALTH Advisors LLC has been at the top of its game for the past couple of years. The company has agents in the states who are easily accessible through a PPO service available on the website of the USHEALTH Group Inc. USHEALTH Advsors LLC is underwritten by the two subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group Inc called National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

President and CEO Mr. Troy MQuagge were thrilled to accept the awards. He stated time and again that none of it would be possible without all of the talented people working with him. The USHEALTH Group tends to refer to itself as a family, and that became evident in his speech.

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David McDonald: Succeeding in the Food Industry Business

David McDonald is among the few people who have established themselves in the food industry. David is the President of the Global food Company, OSI. OSI established in 1992 in China, and it has significantly enhanced the economy of China.

OSI has gained significant success over the years and has been recognized by many different organizations. OSI was called upon in 2008 to cater for the Beijing Olympics. The Company provides approximately 113 tons of food during the events. They handled the responsibility with professionalism. Due to their good performance, OSI received great and positive reviews from the Beijing Olympics Committee.

Despite its success, OIS operates as a private Company. They have however gained international partners. The OSI team is driven by their passion for providing quality products and services to their customers. OSI has focused its attention on offering different products. They offer their products in five categories; bacon, beef, poultry, pork, and the fried foods.

David also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He joined the Company in 1987. McDonald is the director of the Company’s operation in Australia. McDonald has been serving at the North American Institute as the Chairman. Before assuming his current position, David David serving as the Project Manager of the OSI Company. McDonald is the Director of the Marfig Global foods which took ownership of the OSI Offices in Brazil and Europe for more info about us: click here.

David graduated from the Iowa State University with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science. He graduated in 1987 and joined the OSI group soon after. David has proven to be a leader and an expert when it comes to running a multimillion company. McDonald has developed various skills in the course of his career that have proven to be vital in his current position. David is skilled in management, sales, food service, forecasting, negotiation, business development, leadership, strategic planning, and retail.

David McDonald’s Notable Success at OSI

Mr. David G. McDonald holds two positions at OSI Group, LLC. He is the President as well as its COO. OSI is a world leading food-processing company which had $6.1 billion in sales last year alone.

The company has more than 50 facilities in 17 countries. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Prior to becoming president of OSI, David had been working independently as the Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He currently serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. David’s leadership roles also involve being a director and board member of OSI International Foods Australia and OSI Group, respectively.

David has had tremendous success at OSI group. He has helped to improved the company’s sustainability by investing his own personal time to travel to the company’s different facilities to gain a local perspective on the unique problems faced there. He attributes the company’s international success to being flexible to change but remaining true to its principles. According to him an important catalyst for success is to pay keen attention to and appreciate the different business cultures in the locale where you work in.

David Mcdonald OSI Group has recently celebrated 20 years in China since it opened its first plant in 1992. David says it took patience and time to be successful in this particular market. He agrees the company went through a learning curve at first, but after a while, they were on their feet. They discovered the need to listen first to understand their clients’ perspective and to engage with the government as they sort out their agenda. In 2008, OSI China successfully supplied 113 tons of five kinds of products to the Olympics at Beijing. The company received zero complaints, and since then, OSI China has been the supplier for many well-known brands including Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway.