Struggles Of Eric Lefkosky’s Company In Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus, a company based in Chicago, Illinois, United States that tries to fight cancer using the modern technology. He is a great entrepreneur who has also co-founded other companies including Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, and Innerworkings among others.

Accompanied by his wife Liz, Eric Lefkofsky also stated his own charity institution in 2006 which he named Lefkofsky Family foundation. The main objective of forming this foundation was expanding enterprises that improved the lives of people in their neighborhoods.

Since its foundation in 2015, Tempus majors in keeping proper records of their cancer patients in order to help them save lives of other patients. The company tries to come up with a precision medicine using information generated from DNA of their patients. All this efforts are centered on bringing together the patient’s data which is based on both medical and molecular examinations. With this data, the laboratory doctors are able to come up with the correct results and make right resolutions on how to treat the cancer patients.

The company has recently been ranked among the leading health care organizations in Chicago due to its efforts of fighting cancer, a deadly disease. It has even partnered with many other health organizations and learning centers in their struggle to find hope for cancer patients. The patients in these organizations are directed to them so that Doctors may file a report on how the patients respond to their treatments.

It has also been realized that Alzheimer’s infection can be handled with the provision of enough data from its patients. Other methods of handling the disease have similarly been established. These includes examining loss of memory among the patients and also trying to identify any signs of dementia in their bodies.

This is such a great achievement for the company since Alzheimer’s disease is now able to be detected in a patient at an early stage and hence initiating treatments. Advice is thus given to all persons with any signs of the disease to report earlier to medical institutions for checkups and diagnosis.

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Highland Capital Management Furnishing Clients with Alternative Investment Services

Highland Capital Management is an option investment management company and SEC-registered investment adviser with the mandate to oversee structured investment, hedge funds and distressed investment funds. The company invests in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets with concentration on high yield bonds, leveraged loans and structured products. It is an employee possessed hedge fund manager with basically controlling accounts for pooled investments. Highland Capital also provides services to investment companies, banks, pension plans, foundations, insurance companies, and high net worth investors. Typically, the firm invests in structured products, high yield bonds and leveraged loans. To achieve its investment objectives, it uses vital research-driven and value-oriented approach.


Since 1987, Highland Capital Management has been furnishing its clients with investment advisory services across the country. The firm takes pride in its clients who have trust and confidence with the company within the investment progress and services it offers which has empowered the firm to serve them for nearly three decades. Client relationships at Highland Capital Management are personal, service oriented and valued. Hence, the company is devoted to offering investment management practices.

Our Philosophy

The company believes in using Team Approach during investment. Victorious investment requires excited minds and being open to various points of view. The philosophy is: via using a team approach the firm can capture the different factors that shape the market. The portfolios are established to work depending on the style mandate ensuring the clients don’t encounter risky overlaps. Thus, preserving principal value within challenging markets is the cornerstone to long haul progress.

Our Clients

At Highland Capital Management, the services are concentrated on creating solid and long-term associations with the customers being partners and educators in the investment journey. The financial specialists work hard to offer persistent performance via a rigorous investment procedure including establishing trusted client-manager relationship.


The company’s group of experts has offered services for an average of more than 24 years of the market experience and another 11 years in the firm. That level of experience and dedication serves to offer stability to the company while aligning the company’s incentives with those of clients in a straightforward manner.