The Impact That Entrepreneur Jason Hope Has Made In Technology

Jason Hope is a unique entrepreneur who is skilled in making predictions about the future of technology. Hope has constantly demonstrated that the future is all about The Internet of Things (IoT), and businesses or individuals have borrowed a leaf from his insights in positioning themselves strategically for the future. His believe and push for IoT is based on the fact that most devices are becoming connected devices. One of his most notable advice to budding entrepreneurs is to always stay focused on primary objectives or projects and avoid trying out various business ideas at a time.

The SENS foundation

His rare passion for technology and the entire age of IoT) have been the cornerstone of the researches conducted at the SENS foundation. In some of his publications and public addresses, Hope has made it clear that the anti-aging researches are not meant for creating life where people live forever, but instead an effort to create a longer quality way of life.
Hope claims that diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases break down the body and cause faster aging. According to hope’s analogy, traditional medicine has been focused on treating diseases after they happen, instead of coming up with ideas on how to stop them from happening. He argues that the vital resources, which have been utilized in treating these diseases could have been used in laying foundations for preventing the diseases to learn more: click here.

Education and background

Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also earned an MBA from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope has a website that is a good platform for students and entrepreneurs with startup ideas to post their business ideas and seek for grants. Hope takes time to cherry pick the applications and give out $500 to grantees to help them launch their small businesses. The process is quite simple and hassle-free because Jason Hope reckons that starting a business from the ground and nurturing it all the way to a successful enterprise can be quite challenging. Hope is always motivated by the acknowledgement that the future of the technology industry is backed by the business ideas that upcoming entrepreneurs are investing in right now.