Drew Madden’s professional growth in healthcare

Drew Madden is an established IT professional in healthcare. It is difficult to ignore his major accomplishments working with various consulting companies. IT has revolutionized the way businesses are run by enabling processes to become more efficient. Madden is among the individuals that have pioneered the use of electronic systems to ensure healthcare delivery is effective. Some of the attributes that define him are his passion and dedication to his work. His commitment to ensuring the success of the projects he undertakes is unquestionable.

Madden is passionate about enhancing the growth of the companies he works with. He has attained great recognitions for several outstanding outputs and contributions within the organizations he engages. He started a career in IT at Cerner Corporations as an integration consultant. He was able to implement applications in two hospitals in Chicago that strengthened his skills in systems and healthcare applications. His experience at Healthia as a senior epic consultant provided an avenue to display his skills. He not only implemented the Epid inpatient application, but also certified to use other programs.

Drew attained his BSE in industrial engineering in the University of Iowa with a concentration in medical systems. Throughout his career, he has incorporated the knowledge acquired in his study with skills leant in his work. He succeeded in leading Nordic from a small company to becoming a world-recognized company. After joining Nordic in 2011, he assumed the position of president and had the responsibility of initiating change to improve its growth projections.

Madden later founded the Evergreen Healthcare Partners among other executives and serves as a managing partner. He has undertaken an active role in propelling the company towards growth to ensure it survives competition from other leading consulting firms. He had a vision for creating systems that would adopt digital record systems and epic systems. He has developed into a renowned expert in software implementation and creation. Evergreen fosters partnerships with their clients in order to develop trust for effective dissemination of their duties. Madden is committed to promoting teamwork and creating a robust culture that encourages employees to be innovative.