Deirdre Baggot: Healthcare Finance Innovator and Bundled Payment Expert

Deirdre Baggot is healthcare strategy and payment expert who is based in Denver, Colorado. Over the course of her career, she has gained recognition for her progressive views on payment reform for the healthcare industry, views that she developed based on her years working as a hospital executive. Dr. Baggot has developed innovative new payment models for patients of Employers, Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Payors in more than 200 different hospitals, and she has also helped create over 5 million dollars of annual revenue for two different healthcare advisory firms.

Deirdre Baggot holds a Ph.D as a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Denver as well as an MBA from the Loyola Quinlan School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing from Southern Illinois University. Her career started in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she served as a nurse as well as a resource coordinator and manager of the hospital administration branch. Six years later, she transferred to Ann Arbor to work in the University of Michigan Health System, serving in the positions of business analyst and administrative manager. From 2006 through 2010, Dr. Baggot was a senior administrator for SCL Health’s Cardiac and Vascular Institute, and she then spent the next six years as GE Healthcare’s Senior VP for Healthcare Payment Innovation Practice. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile at Linkedin

Before becoming an independent Healthcare Business Strategist in Denver this past February, Deirdre spent 2016 and 2017 working as a partner at ECG Management Consultants, which is also based in the greater Denver area. During her career, she has advised revolutionary healthcare payment packages such as the New York Medicaid pilots for bundled payments, and she now has over 20 years of experience as an advisor and executive. Dr. Baggot has been featured on several National Public Radio (NPR)shows, including Planet Money, All Things Considered and Morning Edition. She was asked to serve as chair for the National Bundled Payment Summit, and has also been invited as a keynote speaker for conferences organized by the American Heart Association, the Healtcare Financial Management Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Medtronic.



Deirdre Baggot Encapsulates Everything That Comes With Bundled Payments for Patients

Just recently, the nationwide development of bundled payment pilots, marking a new era of surgeon fee-for-service with the nations biggest insurer was published by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. With Medicare, Deirdre Baggot explains, healthcare is also included, and financiers are actively following the lead.

Successful bundled payments are established on imaginative leaders. Medical institutions must completely grasp what it’ll take to have bundled payments run smoothly. A few guidelines for bundled payments involve:

  1. Service the patients with everything they require and nothing they don’t

The majority of us provide excellent therapeutics and diagnostics for our clients. The training needed to work with the latest best procedures and give just the things that clients require doesn’t come quickly for those that are also striving to match the wishes of the client with the quarrelsome environment of the healthcare field.

Bundled payments grant the adequate amount of incentives to developing self-control pertaining to the “nothing they don’t need” portion of fee-for-value notes Deirdre Baggot.

  1. Lead shifts

Bundled payments need proper management in change leadership. Just as equally, resilient units are determined to be able to withstand transitions. Strong-performing clinics may experience pain from an excess of silos, unquestioned practices and overly-dominant individual organizations. Competent leaders nowadays will facilitate improvements to sprout using achievements or even failures, being aware that the majority of shifts and restructurings bust, the leaders that succeed the most are created on strategic choices which are well executed.

  1. Understand how true responsibility looks like

Bundled payments remain as an evidence-based means to medical reorganization. Good incorporation of evidence-based procedures is conditional with a feedback method which informs specific physicians when they cause errors in sticking with best procedural measures or when best clinical displays are not carried out.

The aspects which allow medical clinicians to be outstanding professions are a setback when it comes down to holding people responsible. Properties of compassion and caring are essential to high-quality “bedside manner” but frequently ends with medical directors confusing accountability and attentiveness. In a bundled payment context, however, holding to the best standards of procedures is certainly an expectation and not a choice. The concern that the medical professional will take their interest somewhere else can be substituted with a dialogue about the services we are providing for the patients. Follow:


Dr.Eric Forsthoefel, the Invaluable doctor asset at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency medical practitioner based in Tallahassee, Florida. He has a rich educational background from prestigious institutions. He attended the University of Louisville, school of medicine in 2009 and attained his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine in the year 2012.

After graduation, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel moved to Louisiana State University and pursued emergency medicine. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel currently works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare as a general medical practitioner and an emergency doctor offering medical services.

He specializes in the treatment of cuts, cardiac arrests, traumatic stress and body fractures. This nature of specialization makes him readily available at the center. His contact with his also spread to the general public in Florida.

He has been certified and licensed by many medical licensing boards. Some of the agencies that have approved him include the State Medical License which has been in operation since 2013, FL State Medical License in 2014 and the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

His approval by the medical agencies assures the patients that he has passed the training. They also give the general public the satisfaction that he has met the ethical standards set by the boards. Other principles that Eric has included education, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has spent over six years as an emergency doctor. His dedication and commitment over this period have earned him the invaluable experience, making him one of the most successful emergency doctors in Florida. He is regarded highly by his patients and colleagues for his exceptional work.

He is highly skilled to make the most difficult decisions in a short period. He is also tasked to analyze the conditions of his patients. He is then able to determine whether the patients are in a stable condition to be discharged or in a fatal state to be referred to the Intensive Care Unit.

He accepts the following major insurance cards, Medicare, Coventry Health Care and Aetna. However, it is always important to check with the center first since they regularly change. He is highly rated by the patients he has served especially on punctuality and hospitality.

Brian Torchin Leads HCRC To Provide The Healthcare Industry With Staffing Options

Brian Torchin has been helping the healthcare industry for many years by giving medical professionals the services they need. For many in the medical industry these days, just participating isn’t enough to truly succeed. Healthcare professionals need to empower themselves to take some more risks and achieve even greater success. Through Brian Torchins agency, he allows healthcare professionals to benefit from various services, including placement and counseling for potential employees.

Brian Torchin’s company HCRC helps aspiring nurses and doctors take advantage of the various options available to them and pick the right specialty instead of wasting tons of time going down various different paths to find the right answer over a long period of time. HCRC also helps their clients find a position in the specialty that they are looking for without the need to run around handing out applications and resumes. Visit SlideShare to know more.

Brian Torchin has been serving the healthcare industry for more than a couple decades now and understands the difficulty for medical students in finding the right position for them and actually attaining it. Brian’s agency helps these students plan for the future and find a course that will lead them directly to what they want in their futures. HCRC’s programs help professionals from doctors to technicians in searching for jobs and is among the best in the nation today.

Brian Torchin has been working for more than three decades around the medical industry primarily, where he has the most experience. According to Brian Torchin, his passion comes down to helping the medical industry and those that are facing medical problems. This includes degenerate conditions as well as neck and shoulder programs, sciatica, back injuries, sports accidents, and many other injuries that can happen to people. Currently, Brian is the president at HCRC staffing and continues to expand the company to dominate his industry for top-notch staffing and counseling services. Learn more:


Heal-And-Soothe Your Way To Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain makes daily movement difficult for many people. Underlying causes vary, as does the pain’s location, but your body is telling you something isn’t right. The Standard American Diet, which often includes gluten, unhealthy fats, sugar, and salt, can make symptoms worse. Whether you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other form of pain, using Heal-And-Soothe as part of your treatment plan may alleviate symptoms and offer benefits to overall health.


What makes Heal- And -Soothe different?


Heal And Soothe contains 12 anti-inflammatory ingredients in its formula. It doesn’t use Glucosamine or Chondroitin, but breaks down inflammatory influences, like leukotriene and prostaglandins. Simply put, it helps attack the cause of pain by reducing inflammation.


  • Vitamin E
  • L-Glutathione
  • Serrazimes
  • Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract
  • Bromelain
  • Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex
  • Devil’s Claw Extract
  • Ginger Rhizome Extract
  • Mojave Yucca Root
  • Papain
  • Rutin
  • Turmeric Rhizome Extract


Understanding the role of pain and inflammation in your body is key. The majority of all pain stems from inflammation of joints, tissues, nerves, muscles, or a combination of these. When a healthy body suffers an injury, or develops a chronic pain condition, the body’s immune system kicks in, fights what it deems a threat, and increases white blood cells. After your white blood cells have finished their job, fibrin takes over to seal and protect the injured area. However, if fibrin continues to build within the body, inflammation can occur. This is where chronic pain is born.


More than a Product with Purpose


After seven years of research, Living Well Nutraceuticals developed Heal- And -Soothe, offering people a new way to naturally combat their pain. They based their formula on systemic enzyme therapy. This therapy begins with the creation of a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, as in Heal- And -Soothe. You’ll find many of the ingredients in common foods, but diet alone isn’t enough to combat chronic pain.


Unlike competitor’s formulas, Heal selects a transparent approach to natural therapies and their products. Living Well Nutraceuticals offers information about their ingredients. This includes giving would-be consumers access to nutritional information, ingredients, and possible side effects.


Is Heal-N-Soothe Right for You?


Supplementing for chronic pain can lead to other, greater benefits to overall health and wellness too. Everyone is different, but if you’ve tried everything, if you’re not happy with your current treatment, or you would like to try an all-natural approach to chronic pain relief, try Heal- And -Soothe. Click Here for more information.


Brian Torchin Globally Improving Healthcare

Brian Torchin is the current CEO of HCRC Staffing based in Philadelphia PA as well as being a highly educated healthcare professional that specializes in sports medicine and physical therapy. The goal of HCRC Staffing is to connect medical graduates to healthcare businesses that are seeking qualified staff. This connection has improved the quality of healthcare throughout the US as well as Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia. HCRC has numerous testimonials noting the quality of their referrals as well as the speed of their response. Read more at about Brian Torchin

There are several major problems healthcare businesses have went it comes to finding qualified staff. HCRC Staffing solves many of those problems by connecting screened applicants to businesses allowing them to concentrate on providing quality healthcare. All applicants are extensively interviewed to assure the right fit, and when the right applicant is found they conduct the contract negotiations.

Brian Torchin is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a bachelor of science pre-med degree majoring in exercise science. After graduation he attended New York Chiropractic College receiving a marketable doctor of chiropractic degree.

Feature articles have been published in Simply Hired and on Brian Torchin praising his accomplishments within the healthcare industry. He has also been mentioned in articles on and noting his ability to fill the growing need for healthcare professionals.

He is active on Facebook and Twitter personally managing both accounts. Many of his updates and tweets deal with the healthcare industry. Occasionally he posts job openings throughout the US as well as other countries around the world. These postings have helped hundreds of medical graduates find employment. Visit:


Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water’s Packaging Surpasses the other Plastic Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the bottled waters conservation conscious consumers don’t have to stop buying. Other plastic bottles are contributing to the waste problem. Most plastic bottles don’t biodegrade for 1,000 years. Now, Waiakea water is sold in an eco-conscious bottle. Waiakea’s bottle biodegrades in fifteen years.

Ryan Emmons realized the potential for the water he enjoyed every family vacation in Hawaii. He had been drinking volcanic water, which was naturally healthy, sustainable and pure. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He realized others would also enjoy the water, so he had to start Waiakea Water, Inc.

Waiakea water is harvested from a naturally sustainable source; rain water and snow melt from atop the Mauna Loa Volcano. It rises 33,000 feet above the sea floor. As the water flows down Mauna Loa’s slopes it is filtered through 14,000 feet of porous lava rock where it picks up essential elements that make it 7.6-8.2 alkaline and filled with the electrolytes and the minerals, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. This naturally clean water is preserved because of its isolation from industrial influences. No modern factories are within 2400 miles of Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was established in 2012. It initially chose to stand out from its competition by its unique origins, but now it’s adding one more very important detail. Almost every bottled water company could tour a land fill or even search the seas all across the globe and find their plastic bottles contributing to waste pollution. Of the 50 billion bottles that were in use last year, 38 billion ended up in our landfills and creating litter around the world. Eight million tons were dumped in our oceans namely because of the residents of Asian countries.

None of this pollution is good for the environment. Waiakea has an answer that will hopefully be adopted by other bottled water companies. Instead, of using a plastic bottle that requires 1000 years to biodegrade, Waiakea is using a bottle made with a revolutionary plastic, the first fully degradable plastic bottle that is also recyclable. No longer, should you struggle when choosing bottled water. Choose the one that’s clean, tastes great, full of nutrients and positive elements and bottled in a plastic that eventually degrades leaving no footprint.

Jeunesse Global rockets to international prominence

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they had different motivations than one might expect from a pair of highly successful serial entrepreneurs. The couple had long ago attained total financial independence, having founded a string of some of the most successful direct marketing companies in the health and beauty sector.

Now, Ray and Lewis wanted to give something back while also being able to focus on creating a new kind of company that would sell innovative products and give people across the globe a shot at real economic opportunity. They founded Jeunesse Global out of the garage of their Florida mansion, quickly growing it into a million-dollar company by the end of the first year of operations.

But even though both Ray and Lewis were retired, they were no ordinary Florida snow birds. Ray was among the most successful direct marketers in the history of the U.S. health and beauty industry. He was quickly able to tap into his long list of industry contacts, recruiting some of the best independent business owners from across the world to help sell the Jeunesse business plan and the company’s products.

Meanwhile, Lewis was busy putting her expertise in product development to good use. By the end of the company’s fifth year in operation, it already boasted a strong portfolio of completely proprietary products. These included some of the most innovative and exciting new health and beauty solutions to hit the market in decades.

Between the company’s great products and its ability to deliver strong earning potential to its distributors, Jeunesse Global was able to grow at a breakneck pace. Today, the company has been valued by some experts at close to $1 billion, an incredible rise for a company that was little more than an untested idea less than 10 years ago.

But the real secret to the company’s success has been its great offerings. With products like its Luminesce skincare lotion, Nevo energy drink and AM PM Essentials multivitamin, Jeunesse has made significant contributions to the global health and beauty cornucopia, allowing millions across the globe to live healthier and more youthful lives.

The contribution of USHEALTH Group in business for Randy and other projects

Growing in business requires more than just planning your ideas. Randy Hildebrandt’s life is a success story that took him courage, hard work and determination. He was born in Texas and as expected, Randy had a life everyone could dream of but his goal of becoming a great baseball player stayed alive.

Since he was a small boy, Randy admired Nolan Ryan who was the mirror of baseball in his time. Randy watched Ryan achieve unbelievable feats during his career where he played for two Texas teams in major leagues. Randy’s desire to accomplish his dream was fueled and he could not settle for less than a league pitcher role model.

In his high school life at Anderson Shiro High School, Randy was a perfect pitcher in the junior team. His passion to succeed like his idol Ryan motivated him to keep moving. He joined Blinn College in Brenham where he was a member of the baseball team. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

Randy joined the business and economics field at the A&M. although it was not the best choice he made, Randy pressed on while he worked as a waiter and bartender in his college. He saved up some money and by the time he graduated, he had a truck and money that could help him pull through and maybe start up a business.

When Randy went out to face the world, he sent job applications in some websites. After a while, he was contacted by a lady who claimed to have an opportunity for Randy in selling insurance. The meetings were tiring but Randy decided not to give up. He eventually got the job.

However, he wanted to know how his colleagues were putting up the big numbers. One of them mentored him for a period of 12 months and in the process, Randy was able to grow his baseball career.

Randy closely engaged with his leader Kevin Ferrell and his wife. He also met the CEO of USHEALTH Group Troy McQuagge and in 2012, he joined the group as the Satellite Divison Leader. USHEALTH group has engaged in aid programs such as HOPE and HOPEkids Arizona. A recognizable aid of USHEALTH group is the helping of the Hurricane Katrina victims among other helping missions. Read:


USHEALTH Advisors – Highly Rated and Sufficient

When it comes to USHEALTH Advisors, anxious consumers are looking at a company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since its founding in 2009, the company has developed and issued incredible health care coverage for Americans that has allowed them and their families the valued privilege of some of the most adequate health coverage in the industry. As an agent of USHEALTH Advisors, it is a sheer reward to not only provide such an opportunity to US citizens, but the reward offered as a result of efforts.

USHEALTH Advisors provides the U.S. with accident, Life, disease and sickness coverage, best known to supply small businesses, its employees and their families. As one of its main valuable benefits of providing an extensive list of options to its customers and prospects, the company definitely ensures adequate sufficient coverage with a business and a family in which to depend on. As it currently securely holds to its A+ rating with the BBB, so does it steadily value the positive customer review multitude of its consistent efforts of satisfactory US health insurance provisions.

As an agent of USHEALTH Advisors, it is their responsibility to provide the most sufficient amount of accurate information per prospect. Their salaries depends on their daily sales efforts and the satisfaction of its prospects, which inevitably leads to the most accurately informed and the most affordable coverage selection for a prospect’s specific situation. If the USHEALTH Advisors agent doesn’t deliver as suppose, the agent will not reap a payment. The USHEALTH Group ensures that policyholders are steadily upgraded in the event that a health market is to fluctuate. No policy holder is left unattended when it comes to their complete satisfaction throughout their life as a member. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

There are so many valuable sources online that can give you a detailed look into the company – its website, is one. You are also privileged with much opportunity through Glassdoor and many job opportunities through Indeed that can supply. Find the source that’s best for your comprehension as the opportunities at USHEALTH Advisors are definitely many to ponder upon, whether for coverage or to become an agent. Read more reviews: