The Successful Ubuntu Fund by Andrew Rolfe

All about Ubuntu Fund Gala

The Ubuntu Education gala in London was an event held in conjunction with Andrew Rolfe for the disadvantaged children in Africa. The amount raised is about R10 million in South Africa. The goal of the fundraiser was to get about £600,000 so as to increase the students capacity at Port Elizabeth Campus of Ubuntu education fund. With the amount raised, some will go into improving the quality of services offered at the pediatric clinic associated with the campus.

Ubuntu education fund uses resources and workforce to assist about 400,000 people in Africa.

At Port Elizabeth Campus, children are assured of their academic and health needs getting met from enrollment to the campus till they are ready for the career world. The organization was established in 1999 by a small team in order to meet the educational needs of the children. However, the founders realized there were greater needs like hunger, nutrition, homes instability among others. Those needs led to the expansion that would allow such needs to be met.

During the day of the gala in London, Andrew Rolfe welcomed the over 300 famous and well-known philanthropists and socialites from London whose contribution was significant for the progress of the organization. Over two thousand students will continue enjoying quality life following the leadership and initiatives of Andrew Rolfe.

Who is Andrew Rolfe as a person?

Andrew is the chairman of Ubuntu Foundation, and he is based in the New York. The foundation provides health, nutritional, academic and social needs to disadvantaged children in Africa, particularly South Africa. He is correspondingly the managing director of the Tower Book Capital Partners. At Tower Book, he offers operational and strategic support to the company.

He attained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oxford where he pursued a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Later, he enrolled in Harvard Business School where he graduated in Business Economics. His professional capability has ensured that he offers great leadership to the Ubuntu Foundation, thereby being able to positively impact many people in the society with its great works. It shines a beam of hope to everyone in the society.