Robert Ivey – An Innovative Professional Architect


Robert Ivy has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This time was the first time the Mississippi Institute of Arts nominated an architect for this prestigious award. The Polk award is given to people living in Mississippi connected with works of art patrons whose careers of performing or supporting the arts are worthy of this prestigious award. On June 2, Robert Ivy had been presented this award at a ceremony held in Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Ivy ‘s Overview

Robert Ivy birthplace is Columbus, Mississippi. Ivy earned his bachelor’s degree at Sewanee University. After earning his bachelor degree at Sewanee University, he obtained his master’s degree in architecture from Tulane. Ivy started his career at McGraw-Hill Construction as editorial director and vice president of the company. He supervised the production of 33 publications in both print and digital versions. After leaving McGraw-Hill Construction, Ivy was appointed editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. As editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, Ivy won many awards, including the prestigious National Magazine Award. Previous to his career at Architectural Record, Ivy was named “Master Architect“, an honorary title bestowed only to great architects around the world. In 2011, Ivy became CEO of American Institue of Architects, a position of Chief Executive Officer he has held for the past 7 years. Last year in 2017, Ivy was awarded the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture, for his book on Fay Jones, titled “Fay Jones”. In 2010, Ivy received the G.D. Chain Award. The G.D. Cain Award was awarded to Ivy for lifetime contributions for superior editorial excellence in business media.

Noted Speaker

Robert Ivy is also a noted speaker. Ivy has given significant speeches here in the United States and other countries.

Political Affiliations

After Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, Ivy sent out a statement representing the American Institue of Architects giving their support. Since President Trump term in 2016, Ivy and the AIA has committed to modernizing the country’s aging infrastructure.


Robert Ivey has contributed significantly to the architectural industry. An industry pioneer in the field of architecture, along with renowned author for his published autobiography, “Fay Jones”. Ivey grew up and received his education in Mississippi. Ivey currently lives in Washington D.C.

Fortress Investment Group retained its Leadership despite its Acquisition by SoftBank

The news dominating the financial and asset management industry have all to do with Fortress Investment Group agreeing to sell all its shares to a Japanese company. Softbank Group Corporation had placed a bid in the region of $3.3 billion, which was accepted by the management of the organization and was said to be favored by a majority of the members of the committee. The support from some of the senior management members such as Randy Nardone and Wes Edens was a clear indication that the entity was gearing up for a change of its owners. However, it is the decision of the organization to retain a majority of the senior leaders that surprised many financial analysts and human resource experts.The shock must have been brought about by the fact that majority of the organizations tend to release almost all of the senior members after a new investor has bought a company.

Peter Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens continued serving Fortress Investment Group at their original positions some of which they had held for more than a decade. Probably that’s why they were supporting the decision to sell the shares of the company to a new investor who had placed a bid above the market valuation of the company.The deal between the Japanese bank and Fortress Investment Group provided for retention of the professionals who had brought massive success to the company, which explains why the three board members were retained. Moreover, the three retained professionals have promised to re-invest a significant proportion of their salaries to the investment assets managed by the entity.Investing back means that the three experienced investors see their future in the company and have a feeling that the body is moving in the right direction.

It is worth highlighting that buying out the three investors would have been a hard asking as they control almost 35% of Fortress Investment Group wealth.Nevertheless, it would have surprised many people if Softbank Investment Group would have chosen to buy out the three leaders and give the organization a new leadership. Peter Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens are some of the most experienced professionals in asset management and alternative investments. Retaining them at the management level means that Fortress Investment Group continues to reach new heights and to establish itself as the best option when it comes to asset management companies. Retaining the leaders of the entity is an essential aspect during mergers and takeovers as it ensures continuity.

Ricardo Tosto Legal Career in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer who has built a successful business in Brazil. From the time Ricardo was young, he wanted to become a lawyer to help other people. He grew up in a low-income area of Brazil. Few people around him ever went to college. However, he had a passion for making a difference in the world. He was accepted to college and worked multiple jobs to reach his goals.

Ricardo Tosto graduated from college and attended law school. He worked hard while he was in school, and he graduated at the top of his class. He received a job offer at a prestigious law firm and started working in his career. He was able to make more money than he ever dreamed. He saved a ton of money and decided to start a business.

Why Start a Business?

Ricardo Tosto decided to start a legal practice for multiple reasons. Although he enjoyed his previous job, he did not enjoy spending all of his time working for other people. Instead, he wanted to spend time helping clients. He enjoyed interacting with clients, and by owning his practice, he can do so each day.Few people can handle all of the responsibilities associated with owning a company. Ricardo Tosto has been investing in various marketing strategies to generate growth in his business. He is excited about the direction of his firm, and he plans to continue helping others in the community. Anyone who needs legal advice should consider working with Ricardo and his team.

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Successful Career of Fortress Investment Group co-chairman, Wes Edens

Wes Edens can be described as the ideal finance executive. The businessman is associated with one of the most successful and influential investment companies in the world, known as Fortress Investment Group. Wes joined the prestigious organization when most of the investors in the American corporate department were losing trust in the services they were being given by the companies in the market. Wes promised the consumers something different at the end of the day, and he has been able to deliver despite the numerous challenges that have been presenting themselves. When the success of the alternative investment company is mentioned to the world, the name Wes Edens must always come up. Wes was always a prominent individual in the business department. Edens had climbed the entrepreneurial ladder with his hard work and a lot of commitment.

The finance executive studied the American market and other areas of the world so that he could understand what the customers needed. Edens took his time to research before he could introduce the idea of starting a finance company. Wes Edens first chose to try the American market before he could think about the other parts of the world. Fortunately, the idea he had conceived bore a lot of fruits when the company started expanding. Edens knew that he could not handle all the responsibilities of running a large finance company without getting help from people who knew the market like him. Wes looked for several professionals in the market who shared his vision, and they started the journey to change the market together.

Because he is one of the founders of the largest company in the entire world, Wes Edens has a lot of wealth in his hands. The businessman has a reputation for being a workaholic who works day and night to acquire wealth and also change the lives of the customers who seek his help. The businessman has a variety of responsibilities in his role as co-chairman of the successful institution. The businessman has always been part of the team that makes influential decisions in the large organization. His personal qualities have been playing a very important role in the amount of success the investment company has been getting over the years. Wes Edens has also been very keen when choosing the people he keeps around him. The businessman ensures that he spends time with his four children once in a while.

David Giertz Shares Suggestions on Saving for Retirement

David Giertz shares with the Reporter Expert 3 ways in which Millennials can smartly save for retirement. Typically by age 22, millennials are already starting to save for retirement. Giertz shares tips to maximize the benefits and methods of saving for retirement, stating that many millennial are not properly informed when preparing for the future.

David Giertz first recommends each person extensively evaluates their financial situation. While continuing to save, Giertz advises to prioritize paying off any debt as fast as possible. Paying off all debt including loans, credit cards, and tuition as fast as possible is a key component in saving for retirement.

Giertz suggests taking advantage of compound interest through an A ROTH IRA. An A ROTH IRA has saved money taxed before a deposit is made, and can be accessed tax free upon retirement. So it’s already paid for, contrary to a 401(k). The earlier money is saved, the more compound interest can be build as more money is added throughout your life upon promotions, bonuses, etc.

Lastly, Giertz recommends that one of the best ways to save money for retirement is to create a second source of income through a side business and/or hobby. All efforts made towards saving for retirement is drone through a leisurely activity.

David Giertz has 30 years worth of leading within the financial industry amongst prestigious institutions. Beginning as a Financial Services Advisor, Giertz has progressed to Executive Vice President of Sales at Citigroup and most recently served as President of Nationwide Financial’s sale and distribution organization where he profited upwards of $6 Billion of Revenue for the company. Through WABC he is a Certified Business Coach and served on numerous boards. To visit his professional website, click here.

The Great David Giertz of Dublin, Ohio

David Giertz is a prolific financial guru who has a sterling career spanning thirty years. David has integrated numerous approaches in trying to ensure the continuous rise in profits. David inculcates aspects such as innovation, strategies, and processes to realize his visions. David is an alumnus of Millikin University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree. He acquired his Masters in Business Administration from the Miami University. David is the current president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors and the regional vice president in the South-eastern US. David has been certified as a Business Coach with the WABC. David has managed to coach more than one hundred individual and has an 87 percentile growth in his performance. David has previously worked as a financial advisor at Citigroup.

David Giertz has managed to achieve a lot when working with the National wide Financial Company. David increased the revenue of the company from a bare minimum of eleven billion dollars to the current 17.1 billion dollars in his tenure. David is able to transact business in the entire globe in line with his line of action.

David Giertz has wide spectrum rationale in offering expert counsel on the best ways companies such as millennial can better plan for the retirement money. David begins with highlighting the fact that individuals need to evaluate their financial health. That implies that individuals need to foot bills and debts so that he can have the peace of mind to focus on major projects. The debts range from the college fees and even the much owed for doing petty purchases. One should then subject his or her money to the compound interest scheme.

David advises that one should hatch up a plan on how to come up with an aside work that will help in making an extra buck. The gig can be achieved even at leisure time. The much that one gets as retirement money can be engaged in the production processes and hence get accrue profits from the sales. One can start a small business that will enable him to acquire residual income that will facilitate his mobility in running his errands.