Fabletics on Amazon Now is One More Reason to Shop Online

With Fabletics available on Amazon now, customers have one more reason to shop online. While Fabletics has a nice online store site, the Amazon addition makes it easier for those shoppers to try out this stunning athleisure brand. Online shopping is so much easier in the winter months. Fabletics has a cool shopping tool that determines a lady’s perfect clothing size, specific design likes, figure flattering cuts, ideal color combos and fabric preferences. This is all done by way of a Lifestyle Quiz only available through Fabletics fashion line. The quiz doesn’t require a lot of thought or even time, it just is a few questions that will reveal these helpful shopping tips.


Kate Hudson is a fan of this quiz as it better enables women to find the types of clothing that really looks fabulous on them. Instead of trying on countless inferior brands, try this company to get comfy clothes that are ideal to wear in these cooler months. They look so sharp, no one would ever guess that the wearer paid just pennies to the dollar. They look so great, other women will think the wearer shops at high fashion retailers that sell clothing that might be expensive, but they are not comfortable. When Kate Hudson decided to co-found her baby fashion company almost three years ago, she knew that women wanted something better for their hard earned cash. Kate is not budging on her decision to sell high quality clothes for affordable costs to allow every woman across this country to buy these finer fashions.


These clothes are meant to be comfortable, and to tell the truth, they are so comfy, women almost forget that they are even wearing clothes. This is the stuff of fairy tales. This store brand is all too real. Kate Hudson works hard at providing women with low cost active wear that looks exceptionally beautiful on, and women feel the effects of others casting envious glances their way. All this, and these clothes can also be worn out in places that others can see them. This includes school functions, afternoon mall trips, lunch dates and even evenings lounging with your honey watching your favorite movies. Fabletics made its mark by putting the customer in the driver’s seat. Their reviews, opinions, purchase items and completely anonymous Lifestlye Quiz results all serve to aid the company in its reverse showroom that serves customers.

Flavio Maluf’s Great Contribution To Eucatex

Eucatex is the leading manufacturer and marketer of eucalyptus products in Brazil industry. The company is a family business established in 1951 by the Maluf family. Thanks to the able leadership, the company has grown to be a market leader in its industry while being cautious about its environment and for this, it has been recognized with certification such as ISO 14001 and FSC® Certification.


Currently, Flavio Maluf is the President of the family. Flavio brings a breadth of knowledge both in the areas of commerce and industry having graduated with a postgraduate degree in business management and mechanical engineering degree from New York University and PUC respectively. In addition to his qualification, Mr. Flavio has well acquainted with the family business. Before joining the board of executives and being voted as the president of the company a year later, Flavio had worked for the company in the trade for almost a period of nine years, from 1987 to 1996. It is his impact on the presidency and the company’s industrial department that has helped Eucatex command the reputation it has in the industry.


After taking the leadership mantle of the company, Flavio primary objective was to modernize the company. His efforts paid off as the company started investing in state of the art equipment in the manufacturing of their products. This move helped Eucatex open its market to business outside of Brazil to include at least 37 countries globally. The expanded markets helped the company record an increase of 30 percent in profit revenues amounting to R$ 10.7 in 2014.


Thanks to the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex currently enjoys a market domineering in both the construction and the furniture industry. To support this growth the company has opened up additional industrial factories in Salto and Botatu City while at the same time staying conscious to their environment.https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3



Lime Crime Changes the Hair game with New Unicorn Hair Dye.

Color black can be monotonous when you wear it for your hair and having a good hair dye can offer you the necessary changes to change your look completely. The Unicorn hair dye is a new creation from Lime Crime based on vegetable glycerin, and that promises its users the above unique qualities. It comes in two formulas, which include the tints and the full coverage. The former is sheerer in nature and is suitable for people with pale, blonde hair in addition to being able to create more pastel results. The latter on the other hand gives more saturated color and contains a higher pigment load as well. It is recommended for platinum blondes and hair that is lightly bleached.

Both experienced, and novice users can use Unicorn hair dye to change their color and look like a unicorn. Some of the other unique features of this dye that was developed over three years include having longer lasting and vibrant color. After being in your hair for some time, the color will also fade gracefully unlike with other dyes that look bad as they fade. When thinking of dyeing their hair, most people worry about hair damage. The Unicorn hair dye will not damage your hair because it is a deposit–only color with conditioning formula made from pure, vegan ingredients. It does not contain bleach, peroxide, or ammonia as well. For the best results, you should lighten your hair to pale or medium blonde.

Lime Crime is a digitally –native beauty brand with a mission to change how makeup makes you feel and how to shop for it as well. The company is also famous for setting trends in the beauty and hair world that take the internet by storm. Their mission is to help people rebel and never have dull hair days. The range of hair dye available includes purple tints, deep purple, green to gorgeous pink. This brand was expected in the market early April this year. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html




Transform Your Luscious Locks with Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair

When Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipstick line, they set themselves apart from the competition. The lipsticks came in a range of bright colors like blue, yellow, purple, and green. Lime Crime started the trend mainstream makeup is now going crazy for. Unicorns and mermaids, all things bright and sparkle, are very “in” thanks to bold innovation from company founder, Doe Deere.


After three years in the making, the glitzy makeup brand has launched another craze, going above and beyond its other makeup industry counterparts. Unicorn Hair is the newest product in Lime Crime’s Unicorn line. Boasting 13 different shades from baby pink to stone grey, anyone can become the magical unicorn of their dreams. The colors are dreamier and more glamorous than one can imagine. With names like “dirty mermaid,” “chocolate cherry,” and “strawberry jam” how can a girl resist?


Following along with company values the Unicorn Hair dye is cruelty free. However this product line went a little further for all the environmentally conscious and naturally inclined. The dye formula is made entirely of vegan products and does not contain any ammonia or bleach. Have no fear though, the dye won’t wash out after the first shower with your wild and magical locks. Unicorn Hair comes in 2 different formulas. The first is a full coverage formula that will saturate your hair with a deep, rich color. The second is a tint formula best used to create a pastel glaze. It is recommended that these dye’s be used on hair that is medium blonde or lighter.


The tint can last up to 10 washes while the full coverage can last up to 12. But with any rainbow color dye job it really all depends on your hair type and how well you take care of it, so if you are very prudent the color could last up to 6 weeks. Another point worth mentioning is that Unicorn Hair is extremely affordable at only $16. Thanks to Unicorn Hair, there is nothing in the way from letting your true colors shine.

How Fabletics is Going Against the Tide in Fashion Retailing

Succeeding in an industry where a multinational holds a 20% stake may seem like an insurmountable task. Nonetheless, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has literally managed to compete satisfactorily with Amazon in the fashion ecommerce market. In less than three years, the retailer has gained an estimated market value of $250 million. Fabletics has been part and parcel of the burgeoning activewear movement. Its subscription model in particular, has helped it carve a niche for itself besides rising above competition.


The Subscription Model


Fabletics pioneered a subscription model, which has enabled it to conveniently sell fashion items. The idea behind this model is surprisingly simple. Typically, clients love clothing brands that are inspirational, and suit their preferences. The company mixes this with membership and convenience, which results in a powerful combination.


Initially, high value brands were defined by quality and the price of goods and services. However, there has been a drastic shift in recent years. The historical determinants of high value are no longer sufficient to guarantee brand success and to be competitive in the market. Instead, previously unheard of concepts such as customer experience, exclusive design, gamification, brand design, and last mile service have taken precedence. Modern customers are considering these elements ahead of everything else.


Drawing Comparisons with Major Brands


Fabletics strategy has been compared to that of major brands such as Warby Parker and Apple. Its positioning is already paying off because the brand has been opening physical stores to reinforce its online market. At the moment, it has sixteen locations in California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida.


Fabletics’ General Manager Gregg Throgmartin points out that the secret to the company’s success has been its dedication towards creating a reimagined description of high value brand right from its formation. He adds that the membership model has allowed the company to offer its customers highly personalized services, which are unparalleled in in entire market. Fabletics luxury brands to its clients for up to half the price of its competitors. This has made it popular among fashion lovers all the more.

Why Fabletics’ Physical Outlets are Different


Unlike other fashion retailers, Fabletics emboldens the idea of reverse show rooming in its operations. This concept started being encouraged after the realization that most clients search for items offline but end up buying them at affordable rates elsewhere.


In this regard, Fabletics came up with a strategy that promotes a positive shopping experience. Whenever subscribers try a clothing item for instance, it is automatically registered in their shopping cart. This way, customers can easily identify that particular item when they feel like purchasing it.


Brief Notes about Fabletics


The online fashion company was established in 2011 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The longstanding business partners had always envisioned creating an online platform that would allow customers to shop for clothing items at their own convenience.


The company’s stature has grown owing to the fact that it retails high value items at affordable prices. Items are sent to clients every month based on their inclinations. Upon acceptance, the cost of the items is spontaneously deducted from clients’ credit cards.