Robert Deignan Gets AppEsteem Approval For ATS

Robert Deignan, the CEO of ATS Digital Services is happy with the completion of his company’s new certification from AppEsteem. He wanted ATS to get the certification because doing remote computer repairs requires a level of customer trust that he felt was necessary for the company’s reputation. AppEsteem certifies companies that meet a strict set of verification requirements and lets potential customers of those companies know they are dealing with legitimate call centers and customer service representatives. Deignan has grown ATS into a globally-recognized company and has been hard at work expanding its services to accommodate different devices.

Robert Deignan actually had an interest in sports growing up, and in his college days at Purdue University he was a punter on their football team. He even spent two years in the NFL, but he ultimately decided he needed to finish his studies and enter the business world. After graduating from Purdue, he worked for a company known as Fanlink for several years. Deignan then decided he wanted to help people repair computers and office equipment, and that led to the founding of ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan has a team of technicians who manage incoming customer calls and use remote desktop management software to repair various issues such as malware and hard drive problems. If necessary, field technicians will drive to the destination to repair devices. Deignan once sat down with the editors at Ideamensch to discuss what was helping his company succeed. He said that he often has interesting discussions with his partners on what they believe will help the company, and he likes going with what his gut instinct tells him about the ideas. Deignan puts a greater value on hiring people who believe in what his company stands for than just hiring those who meet the technical qualifications.

Dr. Mark McKenna Has Built A Successful Entrepreneurial Career By Continuing To Think Outside The Box:

Licensed surgeon Dr. Mark McKenna holds a medical degree from the medical school at Tulane University. Today, he is quickly becoming one of the leading figures in the field of medical aesthetics but he has also had a successful career in the real estate development business with his own firm McKenna Venture Investments.

When he graduated from medical school in 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna took an unconventional path to becoming a nationally recognized as a leader in the medical aesthetics field. Dr. McKenna did practice medicine for a time in his father’s practice but soon found himself wanting to venture out on his own. When he did, it wasn’t to something else in the medical field but instead a foray into the world of real estate development. He built up New Orleans based McKenna Venture Investments into a true success story, but almost overnight, a lot of what he had built came crashing down. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was strongly felt by Dr. Mark McKenna who suddenly lost millions in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Dr. McKenna was not one to give up in the face of difficult circumstances and soon relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new venture, this time a medical practice focusing on wellness that he called ShapeMed.

ShapeMed was Dr. Mark McKenna’s first foray into the world of aesthetics procedures and elective medicine. ShapeMed was a provider of elective medical procedures that include laser removal of hair and Botox treatments. The company also counselled patients in the areas of weight loss and nutrition. The success of ShapeMed was such that soon Dr. McKenna had potential buyers courting him. He sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014 but continued on with the company through the 2016 calendar year.

Dr. Mark McKenna has recently put his close to twenty years of experience to work yet again on his newest entrepreneurial endeavour in the medical field. This project is called OVME and it is quickly gaining a stellar reputation in the medical aesthetics field. The innovative concept behind OVME is that it is more than just a medical practice that patients can travel to for elective medical procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to do something fresh in the industry by offering patients a national network of providers that can make house calls. This program will be facilitated by the OVME app. It is this kind of forward-thinking attitude that has always managed to help Dr. McKenna end up at the head of a successful business for the last twenty years.

Achievements Of IDLife In The Health Sector

IDLife is a venture in the wellbeing business. It is a tweaked wellness retailer of nutritious supplements. The organization was established in 2014 by Logan Stout. Right now, IDLife has 140 workers skewering it towards the accomplishment. IDLife is a fundamental industry in this manner its area is ideal for its customers. Also, the association’s income ranges from roughly $3 million to $6 million.

IDLife is intended to give a magnificent way to deal with the enhancement of customer’s wellbeing. The organization offers healthful supplements that are redone to meet customer’s close to home objectives. IDLife gets steadfast clients’ data by taking a far-reaching individual propensity survey and medical history. Before suggestion of a supplement, IDLife assembles all conceivable data to examine and offer appropriate supplements that meet your individual needs.

IDLife utilizes science-sponsored research and concentrates in the proposal of their item. This one of a kind approach gives the organization and their whole customer’s certainty and lucidity that depend on particular discoveries. The Health composed association gives customized direction to their client that is custom-made to their wants of better wellbeing factors. IDLife is fit for going to practically everybody because of its exceptional workers’ aptitudes. IDLife’s group grasps the one of a kind circumstances and focuses on that the customers introduce them. They along these lines work with the conviction that direction and support are the way to progress and full customer fulfillment.

To improve the association’s operations, Logan Stout cooperated with Garmin to change highlights of the organization’s health application. Garmin is an eminent individual in the provision of wearable wellness gadgets. With his partnership, IDLife built up another alternative on its site that licenses customers to purchase the Vivo trackers straightforwardly from Garmin on With this alternative, clients can rapidly achieve their wellbeing and health wants. Garmin and Logan Stout offer normal wellbeing convictions in this way the similarity in their wellbeing focus for customers. For more info about us: click here.

Other than the good philosophy of support of wellbeing, IDLife picked Garmin on account of his noteworthy record of upgrading health based innovation. Likewise, Garmin will help IDLife with different items that meet distinctive movement level. It is foreseen that the organization will consequently advance IDLife.

Waiakea Water Makes Healthy Living Easy

Healthy living and conservationism have often been seen as moving hand in hand across the 21st-century which has been seen in recent years with the creation of the Waiakea Water brand in 2012. This impressive company believes in the development of a healthy water option alongside maintaining a socially responsible company outlook coupled with a belief in giving back to both the planet and local communities.

Waiakea Water has now been rewarded with its fast growth rate of more than 1,000 percent from 2014 to 2016 with a position in the top 500 fastest growing companies in the world published by the Inc. Magazine 5,000 Conference. Founder Ryan Emmons recently explained gaining a position on what is seen as an exclusive list of the top 500 entrants has long been an aim of his company which was given the position 414 for 2017 by the magazine.

The origins of Waiakea Water can be traced to the periods of time spent by the family of Ryan Emmons on the Big Island of Hawaii close to the Mauna Loa volcano where the volcanic filtration taking place in this bottled water product takes place. A high mineral and pH level was seen in the water the Emmons family were drinking led Ryan Emmons to take the water directly to the people of the world in the form of his socially responsible brand.

Achieving commercial success is not the overall aim of Ryan Emmons and the Waiakea Water brand which is now responsible for bringing clean water to areas of the world where drinking water is often seen as a luxury. Waiakea Water has now partnered with the Pump Aid group to bring more success to the charity already responsible for bringing clean water to more than one million people in rural Africa.

A sustainable approach to the provision of clean drinking water is always high on the list of priorities of Waiakea Water through the decision to remove only around one percent of the water sourced from the Mauna Loa volcano area to ensure no lasting damage is inflicted on the island.

Success in Dental Sleep Medicine with Dr Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University and graduated with a bachelor degree in Biology and Psychology. He later joined New York University and pursued a doctorate in Dental surgery. He began his career by establishing his dental care, the old bridge dental care in 1999.During that time he earned a name for himself from the community around as the best dentist. He also won the best dentist title for a couple of years. In 2010 he established a company known as Healthy heart Sleep which works with physicians around the world and advised on management of sleep labs.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is passionate about his work and in his desire to help patients, he established Owner Unlimited patient sleep in the year 2012. Through this establishment, he teaches dentist on how to increase and serve patients with sleep apnea.As he further tried further to help patients, he invested and launched Dental sleep master’s program in the year 2014. The program’s primary purpose was to come up with appliances designed to provide relief for people suffering from sleep disorders. The primary specialty of the program is to provide orally applied therapy, which involves wearing a type of sleepwear which doesn’t obstruct breathing while sleeping. Dr.Avi has created a niche that never existed before. By combining his dentistry, sleep medicine and his marketing knowledge.

Dr. Avi has not only been involved in medicine and helping sleep patients but is also engaged in charity organizations, and donates much of his profits to them. Dr. Avi is a family man, and when not involved in work, he spends his time with his family. Dr. Avi, an avid reader, loves sports. He enjoys basketball, tennis and is a big fan of New York Knicks.

Dr. Avi is dedicated to his work and is committed to seeing both the doctors excel and the patient recovering. Dr Avis’s research and success is rare and in an area, that is challenging, and in spite of that, he has excelled. Dr Avi has learned a lot from his role model Steve Jobs, who he refers to as an outgoing person who holds high moral standards.

Todd Lubar Works Hard To Be Successful for TDL

Todd Lubar hasn’t always had good deals. There were times when what he was working on that things went the wrong way and he had to start all over. If someone is interested in business, they can’t get knocked down and stay down if they hope to be successful. The best piece of information that he can give to someone is, when you first fail, try again until you have found a method that works to keep you successful.

Todd worked as a loan originator for the Crestar Mortgage Corp back in the mid 90’s. He learned a lot about business from this company and it was this experience that helped him to better understand his own business skills. He worked with customers and financial planners as well as insurance agents and real estate agents. It was with all of these connections that he learned the most about the business world.

In an article on Hackronym, for Todd, the one thing that he finds hardest to cope with is deciding what is best for him and his family. There are times that he has to choose between going on a business trip and staying home in order to allow for more time to be spent with his family. His professional life keeps him very busy and this affects his life at home. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar is the President for TDL Global Ventures. He graduated from the Syracuse University for Speech Communications. His first job was at Crestar Mortgage and he then went to Legacy Financial for Arlington, Texas before coming to TDL Global Ventures. In 2005, Todd left Legacy and moved to TDL.

Everything that you know about business is what helps you to be successful in the business world. You have to be open to learning more information as the business world is ever changing. By being open to new ideas and suggestions, more people are ambitious and work hard to build a career. Todd himself has a wide array of background in business such as real estate, nightclubs and even demolition. All of these things are what has helped him to know a lot about business and what businesses are successful.

Sawyer Howitt Hoped to Be a Racquetball Star

When Sawyer Howitt was still in high school, he was great at racquetball. He knew what he was doing and he won a lot of games through the different things that he played. He also knew a lot about the sport and chose to do things that nobody else had done before him so that he could make things easier during the games that he played. Sawyer Howitt knew that some losses were inevitable with racquetball but he also knew that if he played the game right, he would eventually become the pro that he knew he was capable of being. Sawyer Howitt remained dedicated throughout his high school racquetball career and also knew that playing the game would work best for him if he was able to show other people what he was doing. For Sawyer Howitt, racquetball was the clear choice after he finished attending school in Portland.

Plans changed for him, though, and he began working for his father. This was an excellent opportunity and something that he was grateful for because of the options that it gave him. Sawyer Howitt dove into the world of entrepreneurship and didn’t look back on a career in racquetball. He did always keep it in mind, though, and wanted to make sure that he was able to do something about all of the expert advice he had to give people for the racquetball games that they would be able to play later on in their own lives.

Want to learn more about Sawyer Howitt? See:

Since Sawyer Howitt was great at what he did, he decided that giving advice would be the best way for him to make a difference in the world of racquetball. He wanted people to learn more about the sport and learn what they could do with it. He also wanted those same people to be able to get the most out of the sport and decided that teaching them everything that he knew about it would be the best option that he had to show them new things. Sawyer Howitt tried his hardest to make sure that people could learn more about racquetball.

Source:  Top Cities For Young Entrepreneurs According to Sawyer Howitt


Eric Pulier Use of Tech to Solve Humanity Problems

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur both in the government and the technology enterprise. He has either founded or co-founded several of the most successful companies. Eric has played a part in establishing over fifteen companies including Media Platform, which is a media presentation, US Interactive, which is a professional enterprise service, SOA, a service-oriented infrastructure, ServiceMesh, an enterprise cloud management, and virtual desktops, Desktone.


Philanthropic Deeds


This serial entrepreneur is also actively involved charitable works by donating to several non-profit organizations. Eric sits on the board of The Painted Turtle charitable organization which engages in helping children with chronic conditions. Eric dedicated both his time and money to ensure that kids suffering from chronic illnesses can enjoy summer camp experience like other kids of their age.


His passion for helping children can also be seen in the Starbright World where he has dedicated his time and skills in technology to come up with a social media platform where kids with disabilities can interact. He also sits on the board of X-Prize Foundation which deals with helping solve humanities greatest challenges.


Published Works


Eric is also an active writer and recently published the book, Understand Enterprise, SOA. This gives an easy to comprehend introduction to the enterprise. In the book, he ensures it is precise, easy to read and understand, and that it provides an in-depth understanding of the topic. Eric is also actively in writing for Forbes.


Entrepreneurial Success


The X-Prize Foundation is one of the startups that can clearly show Eric’s passion for helping humanity. He started the program with the aim of helping the less fortunate youths and adults explore their talents and get rewarded for their achievement. He is also the founder of People Doing Things, a company that he started in 1991 with the aim of addressing education, healthcare, and other issues by use of technology.


Eric Pulier Education Background

Eric Pulier attended Harvard University for his BA where he graduated in 1988 from the Magna Cum Laude. During his university days, he was an editor and the author of the PulierLeg which was a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson.