On To Bigger and Better As ClassDojo Soars to New Heights

The ClassDojo App is a communication platform that allows immediate and direct triangular connections between teachers, parents, and students. It eliminates having to try to incorporate parent-teacher conferences or make untimely errand runs to the school for busy or working parents. ClassDojo helps teachers keep parents informed about the daily goings on at school making parent participation much easier and more convenient. It promotes creating community and inclusiveness. Parental involvement in the educational process is an important component to promoting student success in school.  See Techcrunch.com.


It allows students from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to make unique connections that encourage the sharing of different ideas freely. Cultural awareness is very important in a multicultural society and the ability to empathize with others helps us to see the world from other viewpoints.    Click also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClassDojo.


Creating a positive culture of learning with classroom environments that extend beyond the physical limitations of schools is a ground-up change that makes it possible for parents, students, and teachers to enrich and enlarge the sphere of learning. According to Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Sam Chaudhary, “2 out of 3 Kindergarten through Grade 8 students had at least one teacher who using ClassDojo in 2015.”  Click also this www.linkedin.com for more.   This trend has continued to be on the upswing since its’ inception and the outlook for the foreseeable future is bright as they improve and expand the capabilities of the ClassDojo App.

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