Class Dojo Innovates In The Classroom

Class Dojo has set out to improve the quality of education that children receive. They are doing this by working from within the classroom and uniting the teachers, students, and parents together. The Class Dojo format is able to be recreated and altered depending on the needs of the classroom. These are determined by the parents, teachers, and students working together. This fosters a more productive learning environment that the children benefit from. Class Dojo is an easy to use app that is available on all devices. This makes it ideal for parents and teachers that need to keep up with the students while they are on the move. Since the lives of parents and teachers are so busy and fast paced, this is a necessity.

Class Dojo allows the parents to have more involvement with their child’s education. The teachers and student can post photos and videos of what the class is up to. The parent is able to check it and watch their child learn in real time. Class Dojo is popping up in schools all over the world. Over 90 percent of schools in the United States use Class Dojo to promote increased learning in their school systems. It is also becoming more popular in other countries. The teacher is able to assign behaviors to the children so that the parents can keep an eye on their progress. There is also an instant messaging program inside of the app that allows the parents and teachers to communicate about important matters. The students love Class Dojo because they are able to choose their own avatar and they are able to customize it. They have also benefitted from being able to earn awards for their progress. Class Dojo has reinvented the way education is approached by parents, teachers, and students.