How Boraie Development Is Revitalizing New Brunswick

Central Jersey Working Mom’s recently posted an article about Omar Boraie and his New Brunswick, New Jersey, company Boraie Development. In the article they all Boraie a visionary who was among the first to recognize the potential of redeveloping downtown New Brunswick. He first joined the New Brunswick community in the early 1970’s. He had moved to this city after finishing his education in Europe.

According to Phillypurge, at the time that Omar Boraie first arrived in New Brunswick it was a very rough area. Nobody walked the streets after 4 PM because of how dangerous it was. There were many dilapidated and vacant structure in the downtown core. He started in an area that consisted of 21 buildings all occupying a single block. He started to buy all of the buildings with the intent of leveling them and building a high-rise tower in their place. This high-rise, which wasn’t completed until the 1990’s, is now called Tower One. It consists of office space which the city had been lacking. In 2003, Omar Boraie finished Tower Two right next door. This one has luxury condominiums in it. Tower Two also has the distinction of being the tallest building in New Brunswick.

Following Omar Boraie’s lead, others have also redeveloped downtown New Brunswick. There have been new theaters, hotels, built in the intervening years. Others, such as the historic State Theatre of New Brunswick, have been restored to their former conditions. New Brunswick also now has plenty of restaurants and other things to do and it is no longer dangerous at all to walk the streets after 4 PM. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Boraie Development, LLC, is a full-service real estate development firm. It constructs high-rise structures that it then manages for their tenants. They also internally handle all sales and marketing efforts for the buildings they own.

Branching out of New Brunswick, Boraie Development is also in the process of building high-rise buildings in other cities in New Jersey. This includes both Newark, where a high-end condo tower is being built, and Atlantic City where they are in the process of building a high-rise with both housing and retail in it.