ClassDojo is the Next Wave Of Classroom Innovation

ClassDojo is a very useful app that works on ioS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices to connect the classroom at school to the students’ parents in real time. It serves as a platform for communications for an ongoing dialogue between students, parents, and teachers.

Students can share their work with their parents via messenger, photos, or by videos. Teachers can check the parental messenging system in the morning to check and see who is going to be absent that day due to illness or for other reasons. Teachers can also broadcast announcements to the parents of students regarding upcoming events and projects. Parents can send private messages to teachers regarding their child and pose questions in real time.

ClassDojo is currently in 90 percent of all kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms in America and is present in over 180 countries worldwide where it has been translated into over 35 different languages. It popularity is at an all-time high because it is so well received and it works to help everyone who is involved in the students’ education.

The devices are free to the students and teachers and they are easily handled be the students because they are used to them anyway. The software used is “gamified” which means that it is similar many of the games they play anyway.

Teachers can move their classes along by giving students points if they listen well, participate in class discussion and are well-behaved. Of course, points can be taken away if students misbehave.

The ClassDojo was developed by listening to teachers and learning what their wishlist would be if they could come up with a tool to help kids learn in class. While it helps with the learning of facts, its main value is to help them learn the “soft skills” that are difficult to measure and track. These skils are focus, persistence, and curiosity.

Students also tend to do better when they know that their parents are tuned in to exactly what is going on in the classroom. Parents can get a glimpse of their sons and daughters in action in class which helps to motivate them when they get home from school.