Robert Ivey – An Innovative Professional Architect


Robert Ivy has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This time was the first time the Mississippi Institute of Arts nominated an architect for this prestigious award. The Polk award is given to people living in Mississippi connected with works of art patrons whose careers of performing or supporting the arts are worthy of this prestigious award. On June 2, Robert Ivy had been presented this award at a ceremony held in Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Ivy ‘s Overview

Robert Ivy birthplace is Columbus, Mississippi. Ivy earned his bachelor’s degree at Sewanee University. After earning his bachelor degree at Sewanee University, he obtained his master’s degree in architecture from Tulane. Ivy started his career at McGraw-Hill Construction as editorial director and vice president of the company. He supervised the production of 33 publications in both print and digital versions. After leaving McGraw-Hill Construction, Ivy was appointed editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. As editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, Ivy won many awards, including the prestigious National Magazine Award. Previous to his career at Architectural Record, Ivy was named “Master Architect“, an honorary title bestowed only to great architects around the world. In 2011, Ivy became CEO of American Institue of Architects, a position of Chief Executive Officer he has held for the past 7 years. Last year in 2017, Ivy was awarded the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture, for his book on Fay Jones, titled “Fay Jones”. In 2010, Ivy received the G.D. Chain Award. The G.D. Cain Award was awarded to Ivy for lifetime contributions for superior editorial excellence in business media.

Noted Speaker

Robert Ivy is also a noted speaker. Ivy has given significant speeches here in the United States and other countries.

Political Affiliations

After Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, Ivy sent out a statement representing the American Institue of Architects giving their support. Since President Trump term in 2016, Ivy and the AIA has committed to modernizing the country’s aging infrastructure.


Robert Ivey has contributed significantly to the architectural industry. An industry pioneer in the field of architecture, along with renowned author for his published autobiography, “Fay Jones”. Ivey grew up and received his education in Mississippi. Ivey currently lives in Washington D.C.

The Impressive Career of Wes Edens

Wes Edens has been getting so many titles in the American and international market for all the right reasons. This businessman has been a role model to millions of people who are looking for motivation in the tough society. Edens currently takes the position of chairman and principal in one of the most reputable companies in the finance department, known as Fortress Investment Group. Being the leader of a global company might seem to be a huge task for the ordinary American citizen, but Wes Edens has been doing quite well, and he has been earning well through his hard work. People who meet him when in the office say that the businessman deserves the amount of success he has been accumulating over the years.

Wes has been made popular by Fortress Investment, the finance company he helped to start more than two decades ago.The businessman, however, did not start this company alone. Wes received a lot of help from the rest of the partners, and they formed an institution that was aimed at bringing change in the lives of the American citizens. When the company was still a newbie in the American corporate world, Wes and his team did not know the kind of success that was waiting for them in the future. The team was very hardworking, and they had high hopes about the kind of success they were going to achieve. This team, led by Wes knew how to organize themselves and offer something better to the customers, and this is why they have been surviving the tough competition that exists in the international platform.

Wes Edens has been getting the title of a role model for so many reasons in the recent times. First of all, the businessman has been having a track record of excellence performance since his high school days. People always comment about his hard work and a lot of dedication when performing any duty. His parents knew too well that their son was going to have a great future because of the commitment he had in his education. His teachers had so many praises for him too because of good discipline when he was in school. Wes Edens is also a popular figure thanks to the amount of wealth that is currently under his belt. According to several platforms, Wes Edens has been getting awards because he is currently one of the wealthiest personalities who are making a change in the world.

The Fortress Investment Group Continues to Amaze

Equity firms don’t always experience tremendous longevity in the financial world. The Fortress Investment Group certainly can point to its longevity. The firm has been in operation for two decades. During that time period, Fortress garnered a name for itself as an innovative firm. Fortress definitely made news over the years. Most recently, the firm gained headlines from a $2 billion fundraising endeavor.The prospective venture involves the Fortress Investment Group entering into the realm of corporate lending. Fortress wishes to raise the $2 billion in order to create a fund for direct lending.

If successful, the fund would become the first one focused exclusively on direct lending. $3 billion won’t be the only amount of money the company seeks to raise. The company currently runs a credit opportunities fund. Fortress wishes to raise another $5 billion to power this fund. Enterprises capable of putting together funds with billions of dollars in them certainly draw attention. An incredible level of managerial skill becomes necessary to carry out such ventures. Again, with two decades in the financial industry, the Fortress Investment Group long established its competency in fiscal endeavors. The sheer volume of assets overseen by the Fortress Investment Group tops out at $43 billion.

That incredibly high number could grow to even loftier heights. If the company raises the $2 billion and the fund turns out successful, Fortress may top previous impressive achievements. Fortress recently made decisions to put key people into critical managerial positions. A company relies on the right managers and executives to attain success. Fortress clearly has a track record for putting the right people into the right jobs. The enterprise would amass $43 billion in managed assets without such key people in the right position.The next two decades of Fortress‘ existence surely will be newsworthy as well. The direct lending fund may be the start of an intriguing new era.

The OSI Group Origins

Today, the OSI Group is a leader in the food industry. Quite a few people would be amazed and shocked by their early beginnings. Certainly, this is primarily due to the fact that the mega food organization is one of the largest food providers in the world, but they had a very humble beginning. In fact, the OSI Group was actually started by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. Clearly, Otto Kolschowsky would be amazed at the enormous success achieved by his small retail meat market on the west side of Chicago.

The Early Days

OSI was started by a German immigrant. Certainly, at that time, America was truly the land of opportunity for the new immigrant. Within 2 years of immigrating to the United States, he opened his first retail meat market in Chicago. His business was a success and this led to expansion after the end of the First World War. Clearly, Otto Kolschowsky knew that he was on the right track to success. Soon the businessman added his sons to the menu and the store was renamed Otto & Sons. Now, it was a truly family owned and operated business.

The McDonald Connection Begins

During the 1940s, the McDonald restaurants became a nationwide franchise. During that time, a franchise was a brand new business concept. The couple that owned the restaurants hired Ray Kroc to act as their franchise agent. Kroc opened the original McDonald’s and contracted with Otto & Son’s to be the main suppliers of fresh ground beef for his McDonald franchise. Soon Kroc rose through the organization and became the CEO of the McDonald organization. Of course, Kroc contracted with the Otto & Son’s suppliers and they rose up the ladder with Kroc.

Keeping An Eye On Technology

Otto & Son’s went through another name change. Now, they were global suppliers of fresh meat under the name of the OSI Group. The organization was always a company looking for new and innovative ways to operate. Therefore, they were very determined to deliver the highest quality service to their customers incorporating this new technology that included flash freezing or instantly freezing meat. In addition, it was an easy way to lower the cost of production too.

OSI Group

Today, the OSI Group has grown and gone through several name changes. However, the company still holds firmly to the principles established by their founder. Always deliver the highest quality service and products possible to the customer. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Struggles Of Eric Lefkosky’s Company In Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus, a company based in Chicago, Illinois, United States that tries to fight cancer using the modern technology. He is a great entrepreneur who has also co-founded other companies including Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, and Innerworkings among others.

Accompanied by his wife Liz, Eric Lefkofsky also stated his own charity institution in 2006 which he named Lefkofsky Family foundation. The main objective of forming this foundation was expanding enterprises that improved the lives of people in their neighborhoods.

Since its foundation in 2015, Tempus majors in keeping proper records of their cancer patients in order to help them save lives of other patients. The company tries to come up with a precision medicine using information generated from DNA of their patients. All this efforts are centered on bringing together the patient’s data which is based on both medical and molecular examinations. With this data, the laboratory doctors are able to come up with the correct results and make right resolutions on how to treat the cancer patients.

The company has recently been ranked among the leading health care organizations in Chicago due to its efforts of fighting cancer, a deadly disease. It has even partnered with many other health organizations and learning centers in their struggle to find hope for cancer patients. The patients in these organizations are directed to them so that Doctors may file a report on how the patients respond to their treatments.

It has also been realized that Alzheimer’s infection can be handled with the provision of enough data from its patients. Other methods of handling the disease have similarly been established. These includes examining loss of memory among the patients and also trying to identify any signs of dementia in their bodies.

This is such a great achievement for the company since Alzheimer’s disease is now able to be detected in a patient at an early stage and hence initiating treatments. Advice is thus given to all persons with any signs of the disease to report earlier to medical institutions for checkups and diagnosis.

Eric Youtube channel

Louis Chenevert’s journey to success

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has taken the aerospace industry with a storm and taken it to a new level, Louis was born in Canada. He enrolled for a course in business administration and majored in production management. Louis has since progressed his education skills, and this knowledge has been useful in his success as a businessman as well as a leader.

Louis’ career journey and awards.

Soon after graduating with his first degree, from the University of Montreal, he worked in a general motors firm. Louis worked in this organization for over a decade before joining Pratt and Whitney, soon after joining Pratt and Whitney his skills gained him a position as the Vice president, this was a significant step towards achieving success in his career. Due to Chenevert’s exceptional work, he was appointed as the president of the company.

In 2006, Louis moved to a new organization as the chief operating officer at UTC; he later became the president and then the CEO. Louis has also received an opportunity to work with other organizations as a board member and has also been awarded for his exceptional work in 2011 he was named person of the year by aerospace.

Louis Chenevert’s contribution at UTC.

When the name Louis Chenevert is mentioned most people relate him with UTC, this is because Louis managed to change how the aerospace industry works and his idea turned out a success. A good leader can spot good ideas and actualize them; this is precisely what Louis Chenevert did.

While still working at Pratt and Whitney he observed how the industry worked. At Pratt and Whitney he had an eye for the GTF engine, according to Louis this engine would be a great thing and once he joined UTC, he discovered that marrying what he did at UTC and what he had gained from Pratt and Whitney would produce an excellent product.

When combining the two idea, Louis main aim was to ensure that the company would gain. This project became a success and it has since put Louis on a global platform as one of the great minds in business.

Sahm Adrangi At Kerrisdale Capital Warns Investors Of Potential Problematic Companies

There are many things to watch out for when it comes to investing to ensure losses stay at a minimum, and one of the most important when investing in a company is its history. Sahm Adrangi is an investing expert that never fails to make good investments for his company Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale invests in various companies around the world as well as providing investment services to clients. Over the years, Sahm has made excellent investment decisions that have taken Kerrisdale literally from the bottom to the top, with assets in the hundreds of millions today. Sahm’s unique insight into the investment industry is what earned him his valuable reputation that most investors are keen to follow these days.

This includes Sahm Adrangi’s recent statements regarding Kodak, a former heavyweight in the photography world, selling all sorts of products and accessories like printers, cameras, and lenses. Things have changed these days for Kodak and they have fallen behind in a bad way in their current market. Kodak had to file a chapter 11 a little over five years ago to avoid bankruptcy, but today they have made no progress in turning around the problems that caused them to fall behind in the first place. In general, they went much too long without upgrading the quality of their products or exercising new business strategies and marketing techniques.

The very latest regarding Kodak is their recent involvement with cryptocurrency. Just a day or so after Kodak stated they were going into business with a crypto group, the company’s share value went up hundreds of millions of dollars, nearly doubling overnight. According to Sahm Adrangi, this is very likely due to overpricing at the moment and it will likely fall, as is typical with cryptocurrency since it is still a young market. This is one of there reason why Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital are warning investors to keep their distance from Kodak for the time being. Kerrisdale’s report of Kodak even went as far as saying their latest business pursuit is likely a scam to obtain money from unsuspecting investors.

Motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran Contends To Thrive in Life One Must Have a Sense of Urgency

Motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran contends to thrive in life one must have a keen sense of urgency in approach to living. Vijay Eswaran is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and economist. He serves as Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Vijay Eswaran has vast experience in evaluating success and failure of both individuals and businesses at large.

He brings a perspective and insight that few have the ability to convey with his level of aptitude. Vijay Eswaran has a perspective on life and business that was produced with a great sense of urgency. In fact, without a sense of urgency, one is not reaching the fullest energy level, power, and creativity that can be brought to any particular task in life or in business. In an example of the sense of urgency required to succeed, Vijay discusses the existence of the gazelle in Africa that wakes up every morning knowing that he must be faster than the fastest lion or become the lion’s lunch.

Also, the lion wakes up every morning and it must be faster than the slowest gazelle or he can potentially starve to death. The point is no matter if you’re the lion or the gazelle you must wake up and live every day with a sense of urgency and passion to accomplish your goals as if your life depends on it. Winners in life have an intrinsic drive and urgency level for life to passionately embrace their reality. Furthermore, waking up with a sense of urgency creates a discipline level and strength of character to strive for excellence.

Vijay Eswaran asserts to truly reach that level of urgency necessary to win in every aspect of life one must have the urgency required to breathe when you have trouble breathing. In approaching life and relating to others, Vijay Eswaran contends that to thrive in one’s life one must have a sense of urgency in every aspect of life.

Jeunesse Global rockets to international prominence

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they had different motivations than one might expect from a pair of highly successful serial entrepreneurs. The couple had long ago attained total financial independence, having founded a string of some of the most successful direct marketing companies in the health and beauty sector.

Now, Ray and Lewis wanted to give something back while also being able to focus on creating a new kind of company that would sell innovative products and give people across the globe a shot at real economic opportunity. They founded Jeunesse Global out of the garage of their Florida mansion, quickly growing it into a million-dollar company by the end of the first year of operations.

But even though both Ray and Lewis were retired, they were no ordinary Florida snow birds. Ray was among the most successful direct marketers in the history of the U.S. health and beauty industry. He was quickly able to tap into his long list of industry contacts, recruiting some of the best independent business owners from across the world to help sell the Jeunesse business plan and the company’s products.

Meanwhile, Lewis was busy putting her expertise in product development to good use. By the end of the company’s fifth year in operation, it already boasted a strong portfolio of completely proprietary products. These included some of the most innovative and exciting new health and beauty solutions to hit the market in decades.

Between the company’s great products and its ability to deliver strong earning potential to its distributors, Jeunesse Global was able to grow at a breakneck pace. Today, the company has been valued by some experts at close to $1 billion, an incredible rise for a company that was little more than an untested idea less than 10 years ago.

But the real secret to the company’s success has been its great offerings. With products like its Luminesce skincare lotion, Nevo energy drink and AM PM Essentials multivitamin, Jeunesse has made significant contributions to the global health and beauty cornucopia, allowing millions across the globe to live healthier and more youthful lives.

A Recap Of Jose Hawilla’s Information

Jose Hawilla, a Brazillian Businessman, was born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Jose Hawilla worked as a journalist and was an entrepreneur by then. He is the owner of Brazil’s leading marketing company of sports. He said that he faced the crooked eyes and mistrust of the people who did not comprehend how one made money in football. Jose Hawilla was among the most influential in Brazil among the men. He owned affiliates of Rede Globo and a newspaper network which was prominent in centre of Sao Paulo.

Jose Hawilla on the 15th October 2009, announced the purchase of a newspaper of Diario de Sao Paulo. For ten years Hawilla acted as a television and radio presenter. He served as a producer, commentator and presenter. He worked in significant networks of communication and participated in various opportunities of events of sporting. The sporting events included Olympic, World Cup events and Formula 1. In 1979, the journalist career virtually came to an end when he headed sports in Sao Paulo. Jose Hawilla got fired after he attended a category strike.

Jose Hawilla was put in a kind of blacklist and thus found it difficult to professional challenges which were new. Globo rehired him but later thought of starting his own business. He went on and bought a traffic together with his three partners, whose advertisement first explored in bus stops. In a span of time, publicity boards made many sales in stadiums. On the 5th September 2013, there was the announcement pertaining to the sale of the newspaper. Check out

General information about Jose Hawilla.

Jose Hawilla as a journalist and an entrepreneur had some essential tips which enabled his career to succeed. He believed in competence, luck, and ambition. He participated with new students and entrepreneurs in chat in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Jose Hawilla was a reference and Rio-pretense in the marketing of sports. He discussed o technology, politics, and economics. Jose Hawilla gave valuable and essential procedures in achieving the professional success highly sought by many, other than speaking of aspects of life being challenging. Visit for more.

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