Recap of Wengie – Draw My Life

This article summarizes a video on youtube, Wengie talks about her life while drawing cartoons on a white board in a very cute Asian style. The cartoons are drawn and edited to not show her erasing and it flows very smoothly. Wengie was born in China on January 9, 1986 and was raised by her grandparents. They flew to Melbourne, Australia when she was four years old so Wengie can be with her parents. Her family was poor so Wengie had to use her imaginations and drawings in her play times. She was a tomboy and liked robots, Voltrons and Ninja Turtles. Her parents were able to get better jobs and they moved to Sydney when she was seven years old. Wengie did well in school but her social skills with other kids needed improvement. She was extremely shy and continued to draw when she was alone. She was accepted to a University with a scholarship and she studied accounting. She became a workaholic and moved out of her family’s small house when she was 24 years old. Accounting was something that helped her get an education but it was not her passion. She enjoys creating and creative accounting is considered illegal. She quit her accounting job and became a social media consultant. It was a lot of hard work since social media never stops but she enjoyed it immensely. She decided to start her own blog which led to a project trip in Singapore. This led to her Youtube channel and she now has over 6 million subscribers in the world. This 9 minute youtube video summarizes her life in a cute and entertaining way and shows a real life success story of how a poor girl turned into a youtube sensation.